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BMW E92 M3 2008 1.10

By: morning_wood and SJD
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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BMW E92 M3 2008, Fantastic car

- Based on original content from Blimey! Games' recent BMW M3 Challenge.
- Conversion to rFactor by morning_wood.
- Complete physics rewrite using Kangaloosh! carFactory.
- Damage model by JTbo.
- RealFeel compatible.

44MB Zip archive. Installation instructions contained in readme.


Original content from BMW M3 Challenge by Blimey! Games.

Conversion to rFactor by morning_wood.

Physics created in part using Kangaloosh! carFactory.

Damage model kindly contributed by JTbo.

Tyre physics inspired by Niels Heusinkveld whose Road Tyre Generator-o-matic
version beta 1.4 provided a fresh perspective on ISI's tyre modeling.

Updated physics and other miscellaneous tweaks by me, SJD

A big thank you goes out to everyone who was involved in testing earlier
versions of this mod. Your feedback was very helpful. Any errors or
ommisions are entirely my own fault.

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Links please?
gui98 on Apr-12-2013

Any links? I really wanted to drive this tweaked version of the BMW M3 E92.
Migalex on Jan-05-2013

marcage on Aug-10-2010

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