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BMW M3 E92 1.20

By: Anon
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Wittrock1991
Screenie by: Wittrock1991

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Love the M3 E92, but can't drive it? Take it to rFactor then!

This BMW M3 E92 was converted from BMW's very own game "BMW M3 Challenge" to rFactor. The cars physics and sounds, as well as interior and exterior is the same as in the M3 Challenge game.

Download it and read the ReadMe for Installation.


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Please, someone post a link for download!

araujoenrico on Mar-09-2017

Originally posted by: DoktorRotax

Anyone has a backup of this car?

Looks like here it is
slonyara on Aug-22-2012

Anyone has a backup of this car?
DoktorRotax on Aug-14-2012

This mod is just awesome, perfect car; perfect for drifting!

DoktorRotax on Oct-29-2011

Why this M3 doesn't have limited slip diff? Where did you see one burning wheel on M3?
Hollow on Apr-28-2010

WoW..this is an excellent car..i'm not familiar with the real life M3,but these physics are great, you can do HUGE powerslides in third or fourth gear and still keep the car in control..natural born Drift car..I feel like Jeremy Clarkson in this : )
jabe75 on Oct-19-2009

thanks for the model XD
dg350z on Aug-04-2009

Anon please contact me regarding this great mod !!
GrimmReaper on Jul-18-2009

thanks for the links!Let's hope they will work properly!
Rashx on May-15-2009;/fileinfo.html

here 2 dl links i have found
Capa (BRĀ°) on Apr-27-2009

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