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BMW M6 1

By: Alexander Balanesko
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 04-Mar-08
Current release: 1, on 04-Mar-08

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Dreaming about this beautiful BMW M6? Or maybe you have one in your garage? Want to have it in your rFactor too? We will make your dream come true! Our Team is bringing you the chance to put this Piece of German Engineering Art on the roads of the Best-Ever simulation game in the world, today, absolutely for FREE!!!

In this version we had included 10 liveries, including some custom ones and an early-stage Template for all of you to paint this beatiful car.
In the future we will release an sounds update, so soudns in this release are not final, please have this in mind while posting comments. Anyone who wants to help us to remake the sounds, contact me on MSN, ICQ or by Email.

BMW M6 Crew:


Alexander Balanesko



2D Department:
Xopot, M0z

Physics, Audio Department and Betatesting Department:
johnkyhappy, Robbie Hanson, Robert Cook, Youri M3, AMD64

If you like this mod, make sure to visit my website: I am also making mods on request.

Contact me on:

MSN, email:


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Overall rating since initial release  
355/500 (1959 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
Community Ratings since October 01, 2009   My Ratings
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old mod but I like it very much, thank you. The tyres are very good.
vilivili on Jan-05-2011

To kozi.boss

the link you gave isn't work out, could you plz post another link?
thank you so much!
lkloveof on Feb-20-2010

This is a link to a new sound engine create by Fade006
kozi.boss on Feb-19-2010

Great mod, BUT
The engine sounds are terrible. They sound scratchy and a lot of wind noise. Do you have a better set of sounds for this mod?
Dufoe on Jan-09-2010

Originally posted by: Miso26

Hallo, can you tell me name of this map please?


That would be Putnam Park .......:
biggles101 on Dec-12-2009

Hallo, can you tell me name of this map please?
Miso26 on Oct-24-2009

EDITED MESSAGE: Balaneskos cars are ripped BS> do NOT go to his BS site and waste money. there are much better cars than him and his "team" can make. im updating my rating to 1/5 on everything. this isn't even supposed to outrun an M5 by that much but it acts like a race car. horrible car.
NOS_Waster on Aug-11-2009

such a nice model but 2d wheels........
Kevin024 on Aug-10-2009

umm...looks great, but can't install it from those links....

Can you upload it on please ?

Cheers !
M_Powerholic on Nov-06-2008

no news yet
Balanesko on Sep-16-2008

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