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BRKart Track Pack 1 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 18-May-09
Current release: 1, on 18-May-09

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This is a kart track pack destinated to BRKart mod (, with 3 released kart tracks and one new kart track. In released kart tracks, i just fix qualify hour in goldenport, change sky in cart bc, put some tires barriers in pittsburgh, and change all pit speed to 80km/h and reduce race duration to 20 laps.
Track authors:
Cart BC: Nick Johnson, SlimJim, Adriano Augusto, Stefan Rzadzinski.
Goldenport: RaceKing
Pittsburgh: TTTTT
Taquaral: Jorge Abujarma, Adriano Augusto.
Unzip BRKart_Tracks folder into you Locations folder. Your folder structure need be: " c:.../rFactor/GameData/Locations/BRKart_Tracks.

note: i putted kart tracks into this folder to don't cause any conflict with other released kart track packs, that was destinated to other kart mods. If you want, you can found here in rFactor Central the original version of Goldenport, Pittsburgh and Cart BC.

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Bruceorange on Oct-22-2018

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jim2244 on Oct-17-2018

The link to filefactory seems to work for me, the download button is down at the bottom of the page though
Lordyboy on Jun-13-2012

hi guys is there another link to this as i cannot download from fileserve for some reason and filefactory link wont work from my pc. is there a rapidshare or mediafire link
many thanks
chriskemp on Apr-20-2012

Hey can you make a kart track.
Its in Norway IL, USA. The track is called concept haulers motorspeedway.
the website to the track is
blood_faucet1 on Aug-19-2010

desculpa o erro *Novo de portimao
P.Vilhena on Jul-24-2010

podiam fazer os kartodromos de
-cabo do mundo
- e o ovo de portimao(fica no autodromo)
P.Vilhena on Jul-24-2010

quando podemos esperar por um pacote de pistas de apenas kartódromos portugueses? todos eles?
L0pht on May-21-2010

hello IMSA GTP. We will work in boston in 2010. we have one friend that drive in this kart track. other kart tracks... why not? i will search about they. if i found a sufficient information about some of this, i can make the track. thank you for the suggestions. best regards
Adriano Augusto on Dec-25-2009

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