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By: Hatrix/lalalalalala/LM2004
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Thank you for downloading my BUS TOUR MOD. Again I stressed that this is just for my own pleasure and so please forgive my lousy modelling and texturing skills.

To Install, delete the original BUS folder inside the vehicle folder first (if you downloaded BUS TOUR PHASE I).

Then simply put the rfactor folder to where your rfactor folder is >_>

***In your setting, turn off practice, qualifying, etc, and just go straight to a race to avoid getting stuck in pits.
***Not a lot of tracks support more than 40 cars. Lemans 2004 however did support all 64 buses together. So if you want to have all 64 buses running together you can try that track.

Changes from Phase I:

64 buses in total (from 32 last time)
Different engine sounds
Faster engine
Higher steering lock
Softer suspension
Safety car disabled
Rfm provided
Better vehicle organization


More buses (around 96 total)
School Buses
and that's pretty much it...... :S

Behold the Power of the Hatrix!

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AlibekAK on Aug-22-2016

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Manu2u on Mar-13-2013

Deleted File please upload the file again

Has anyone Bus tour Phase II?
bennymaeker on Dec-05-2012

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Autobot-Hotshot on Nov-01-2010

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