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Back Yard Australia 2

By: Nat B
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 21-Jan-09
Current release: 2, on 21-Jan-09

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My First track

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Sorry I'm only 12 and turning 13 and have a lot of home work and have had some trouble with my modder admin so I can't realy keep track of all my downloadlinks and I don't get much editing of track time. But I'm working on it. Nat B
Nathan.Batham on Feb-06-2009

Tring to fix. Sorry!!!
Nathan.Batham on Jan-22-2009

cannot download link does not work
crankie on Jan-21-2009

Conversion from outrun?

Just kidding mate, keep going with it, but I must say it looks to still need a fair bit of work there looks very flat and has very stock btb textures...learn some more about btb and section that road up, get some roadside character happening, make some terrain hills and such to liven it up a bit before you even consider adding objects, trees and stuff like that comes last like coconut on a lamington!
dmz on Jan-21-2009

cannot download link does not work
crazy on Jan-21-2009

Cannot download! Please post better links"
Hellraizor on Jan-21-2009

set the shadowcasters to "texture" instead of "solid" for the trees in your .scn file
Com8 on Jan-20-2009

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