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Bagen Summer Rally 4

By: Strava
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 19-Jan-07
Current release: 4, on 28-Feb-09

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Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123

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Bagen Summer Rally

Created for rFactor by Strava


Version 4.0
Includes Pit Flag Fix and a new racegroove texture.

Fantasy Track Backstory:

Every year on the Summer Solstice the little village of Bagen holds a 24 hour Time/Distance Rally. The goal being to finish the run as close to the posted speed limit as possible. But every year some hotshoe takes off, everyone follows him, the time sheets get thrown out the window and it's all WFO racing. Which is darn dangerous as these are public roads with no racing curbs, catch fences or safety stuff of any kind.

The Real Story:

I started working on this track back in GPL. About the time the ThunderCars mod was released. I wanted to make a track that was big and fast so the TC monsters had plenty of room to use their big engines. And lots of fast corners to slide and drift them thru. Well, I never did finish the track for GPL. But with some of the new tools, like 3dsimed, it is a lot easier to add TSOs and stuff. So, I have finally finished it for rFactor.

The GP79 mod cars are probly best for this track. As they are the closest thing to the ThunderCars we have in rFactor. But it's not a bad run in the Kodi either.

AI notes:

The AI do fine here in the slower cars. But in a lot of the fast cars they just can't follow the AIW fast path correctly. Going thru the AI learning process does fix them up. So I will post as many AI INI files as I can. If you find a mod where the AI run off track in a corner or 2 please make an INI for them. Or let me know and I will make one.


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raosabir23 on May-22-2018

it's one of my favs. great fun to driver with faster historic cars.

markus ;-)
markusm on Mar-01-2009

Thanks for the update. I really do like this track - it has a wonderful flow. It works particulaly well with the CSGT mods.

georgeo on Feb-28-2009

What Mod is the blue car in the vids from???????????? Really nice can't recall seeing it anywhere.
magoo70 on Feb-28-2009

Hi Andre - I have uploaded a new zip that includes the Pit Flag Fix.

Hi cesniper - Your videos are Great! It must have taken many many hours of driving and editing to put those together! Were all of the cars we see in the vids driven by humans? If so it was also quite a team effort.
Strava on Feb-28-2009

Is there any other link for the Bagen Pit Flag Fix ?
André on Feb-03-2009

as you can see for the videos, I have plenty of fun in this track. Thanks a lot!

looking forward for a new longer version with the same great feeling as this one
cesniper on Dec-13-2008

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