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BalatonRing 1

By: batuka
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 06-Jan-10
Current release: 1, on 06-Jan-10

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Screenie by: batuka
Screenie by: batuka

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The Balatonring, from 2010, which is home to the Hungarian MotoGP race. The south-west of Lake Balaton, Sávoly Meleton built. This track combines the Hungarian and Spanish style. Thus, an interesting mixture of Valencia, Barcelona, Hungaroring and Pannoniaring. The track line of the design, the MotoGP world champion Gabor Talmacsi, and the living legend of the MotoGP: Valentino Rossi took part.
The track length of 4.232 Km. The clock counterclockwise direction. 17 turn on it, of which 7 reverse curve

The Track is free, but If you like this work, please donate me!!! That the future can be making another track's.
Paypal e-mail. ""
Aid minimum: 2€ or 3$ or 1.5? or an equivalent amount of currency
Aid max: There is no upper limit
The sponsors will be given later to benefit personal. Such as personal notification of updates and new projects. Official prerelease download option. (Alpha versions), etc.

copyrights: dont modify and/or release without permission of the authors
whose contact you see above!

Download links:
Rfactor version 1.0:
Gtr2 version 1.0 :

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I watch a lot of matches in recent times and support my country team and now looking forward to the big event. The shares some of the places which you can join and make sure you support the right team in the main time.
Pablo466 on Sep-13-2020

I give you a ideea to makes so money , you looking for sponsors and they name appear in you're track , like in reallity.
cico76 on Jan-09-2010

I'm a moder from long years ago in many teams, alone, and with other pseudos.
When my job is released it was clean with good textures, objects ambiant light.
I've work on some recents tracks (just for some details) never for beta just basic from Bob
Track builder.
When I download a new track I hope that this is a good job with quality.
From few months , here we have only tracks just from Bob with no personnals textures objects
A good job want many hundred days of work

Sorry for bad english

My last post
koolpapy on Jan-09-2010

If its 'donation' based on users preferance, and everyone knows about it why draw attention to it?? Thats the point zedux, nobody else bangs on about it.. Besides.. having looked at the track, (and the public spats with other modders) he may be a little premature asking for any payment, Anyone with a legit personal use copy of 3dsmas does not need donations.. its probably cracked.. as is a *push* towards donating for future projects.. prove the quality and money will come in.. dont push for cash based on this release for gods sake.. there are modders and teams out there that produce the goods every time and could be making a very good living from it, but to do that they would be working for a corporate, which defeats the object.. I would love to have the cash to support modders on here, but there are far better works out there, provided by people who do it for love, not prifit.. Hours/days/weeks/months is correct, nobody is disputing that, but to do it with one aim waters down the quality in many cases, and the place fills up with half decent material and folks thinking they can knock any old stuff out for a quick buck..
Donation is the users choice 'agreed' but dont beg when there is still some doubt as to the quality or validity of the work..
Good luck batuka, i seriously hope all goes well, but beware the fickle nature of opinion and image

@koolpapy, once i thought your comments were some what harsh and abrupt, but having read many posts, on many sites, on many mods.. Im turning lol

once again, good luck batuka.. i do wish you well..
ps.. some elevation changes would transform this track
THEDUMMY on Jan-08-2010

***** those who are complaining on the paypal link it's hours days weeks and months spent creating something and giving it out for free! no one is forced to donate thats why its DONATION you *****in freaks!
Zedux on Jan-08-2010

My goal is not a secret, small stir up a revolution. All the same page, asks for donations from users. This is no particular problem. The server maintenance fee is not small. But moders also deserve the donations. A lot of energy and time on the work. Honoring the exception. This page is from this point of view, thank God, quite liberal. After all work at the right above, there may be a PayPal donate button. I can only call attention to this. I do not understand what is wrong with this? . .
batuka on Jan-07-2010

nobody's ask you to donate , anyway here in rF everything it's free , we talk here about someone who try to do something , like misano 2009 and many liers.
it's nothing wrong to run the gamut of same track like Nordschlaife , it's the same now with misano 2009.
cico76 on Jan-07-2010

misano.. By liars you mean the track creators?? Who will need to give permission, for alterations AND the fact that someone is making money from their work???

anyway.. good luck
THEDUMMY on Jan-07-2010

there is a problem ,batuka don't ask the money , he ,at least tryit to do something ,like Misano , to pass over 1 year and the guy who promises to do that , just give it up , ok batuka it's a novice but in the future we need it. So I prefer to do a donation for one track alpha than downloads free from liers to rf.
cico76 on Jan-07-2010

PR after the public spat with NAD and others is at an all time low for you Batuka..

Purely based on reading, the way you have treated these forums and the way you have masacred some folks work I am not downloading ANY of your work,
never mind pay/donate for it.

Publicly advising/requesting/advertising the fact that your main aim is to get money, to be honest.. stinks..
Having been a member here for what seems like an eternity, and reading these forums every day, such requests are a first in my eyes

Look at VLM / Lasercutter / TheLonely / SLN / motorfx / madcowie /(for eg) AND MANY MORE..
Their work stands out, all with a donate option but they never 'publicly request' donations!!

Maybe you need to rethink your strategy..
THEDUMMY on Jan-07-2010

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