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Bandit Sprint Cars 1

By: 321 Development
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Initial release: 23-Sep-07
Current release: 1, on 23-Sep-07

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The Bandit features a 733HP engine. While the Super Bandit carries a 916HP engine. These beasts take to the dirt like no other car, allowing you to take corners at blistering speeds and be completely on edge while remaining in control.

Our reason for this project.

First and foremost we would like to say thanks to Kim Lloyd AKA Rig. He provided us with the models to work with and also gave tons of help on the physics. So from the bottom of my heart we would like to say thanks to Kim.

Our reasons for working on the Sprints. We wanted to offer the dirt racing world of rFactor a car with power and fun. We based every aspect of our physics model and setup areas on real world values. You will be very surprised to find that we have multi-length wheel bases.

We also put the Caster vales to real world number along with camber. Go to the upgrades and check it out. Our engines for both the Bandits and the Super Bandits have gone though many updates and changes. The horsepower on the Super Bandit is a tad higher than the real world. This was done to give more pop after we worked on the aerodynamics.

Our wings are very real and will make the car tight or loose. Use them to tune. Notice our spring rates, they are real world. The tire files were worked on and they now get heat into them along with good sideways action. Our goal with both of these cars was to offer the dirt racer the most fun along with good FPS performance. Matt Sotomayor spent two months on just updating the model and making the FPS performance live up to our standards.

Matt Glass of Matt & Glass race cars gave us tons of information on how these cars work. We want to say thanks to him. Mark St Martin did the sounds for these cars and they are a nice touch to the mod.

We are also working hard on tracks for this mod and will be offering more in the coming weeks.

This mod is also about giving honer to the fallen heroes of sprint car racing. Please remember that these guys paid the ultimate price to entertain us.

So in closing the 321 Bandit Sprint Car Project has been a complex and hard project and we feel it is by far our best work.

Joe Martinez
Giovanni Mungin
Eric Purington
Matt Sotomayor

Beta Testers:
Sam Dick
Joe Martinez
Giovanni Mungin
Eric Purington
Matt Sotomayor

Final Version Testers:
Marty Cave
Ian Eichendorf
Patrick Fogel
Joe Gilmour
Casey Graves
Joel Hoffmaster
Justin Hoffmaster
Rusty King
Shaun James
Andy LaRoe
Dusty Lee
Larry "Bus" Leiphart
Mike Miller
Jake Shiplet
Brad Skusa
Allen Sustek
Chris Torres
Ryan Tuma

Special Thanks:
Dan Nisbet/Kim "Rig" Lloyd - Original models
Ron O'Dell - Shader help
Miranda Throckmorton - Closeup pictures

In Memory Of:
Ted Horn AAA Champ Cars
Rex Mays AAA Champ Cars
Dave Bradway, Jr GSC
Lloyd Beard NARC
Johnny Key NARC
Gary Patterson NARC
Cliff Rogalsky NASCAR Super Modified
Lloyd Nygren NASCAR Super Modified
Bob Zwemke NASCAR Super Modified
Fred Brownfield NST Promoter
Danny Young Knoxville Sprint Cars
Frank Carlotta San Jose Sprint Cars
Al Toland Sr USAC
Jud Larson USAC
Jan Opperman USAC
Kara Hendrick USAC
Rich Vogler USAC
Kevin Gobrecht Williams Grove Sprint Cars
Billy Kimmel Williams Grove Sprint Cars

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This mod is very old. I think you would be much happier with the BRL 2011 Sprints or the SBS Sprints. ken
kslater on Jan-27-2012

Tried two links media fire and rfactor central but neither work. I think their broken. Mabye jst my PC.

Any link that could work?

07890799040 on Jan-27-2012

for those with problems installing, it's because the exe doesn't have proper permission to install into the rFactor folder. The easiest way around this is just to set the unzip point to a central location (ex: desktop) and just put the files in the the rFactor folder yourself.
erbinator79 on Sep-06-2010

Just installed this Mod. Would like to create a few skins for it. I'm used to working with Photoshop .psd files. Can you explain how to use the Expansion folder to create skins? There's no way to layer or use the .dds files...or maybe I'm missing something. I even tried to over paint the Template .dds...Thanks
mcb52 on Mar-21-2010

Just downloaded, yet to install. Anyone got any realfeel settings they're willing to give?
jnl.42 on Nov-21-2009

it works fine..........i just installed it......from the 2nd link, not the rfc one.
the_last_name_left on Jul-16-2009

im having the same roblem Chunter did what do i need to do?
Kinser82 on Jul-15-2009

btw, I have windows vista


Chris Hunter
CHunter on Apr-08-2009


I couldn't install this mod - I get a '7 zip, internal error, code 104 error

Any suggestions?


Chris Hunter
CHunter on Apr-08-2009

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Bandit Sprint Cars