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Banja Luka Zaluzani 0.90

By: nothke
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 11-Jun-11
Current release: 0.900, on 12-Jun-11

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Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke

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The circuit is part of the Zalužani military airport, near town of Banja Luka. Primarily used as an airport taxiway, it has since been fitted with curbs (although high for today's standards) and new tarmac layers. In recent years, a provisional pit lane was built. It has held many races and the track is featured in the Racing Championship of Serbia, despite being located in Republika Srpska.

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Great, except this is not in some "Republika Srpska", but in Bosnia & Herzegovina, ok?
Jasko76 on Oct-05-2014

Samo okolinu malo sredi i izlazak iz pita na stazu i to je to. Ovako je dobra staza
yopa89 on Jun-11-2012

pokrenuo, svaka cast, jako dobro
smuc88 on Jun-19-2011

ja ne mogu da pokrenem kad kliknem na race izbaci me iz igre?
smuc88 on Jun-19-2011

It´s good for a beta. The profile, road surface and the pits looks ok. Add some trees and buildings and it´s good! Testing AIs now...
Kimi97 on Jun-13-2011

Hay people, this track is in beta so it's still being changed. What do you think of it? Is it good? Fun? How are the textures looking, objects? Atmosphere? How does AI behave, and so on... Please comment!
nothke on Jun-13-2011

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