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Bark River 1.11

By: DDawg
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 03-Aug-07
Current release: 1.110, on 08-Nov-07

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Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX
Screenie by: KittX

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Bark River is no Fantasy track ....

But, trying to make it close to realistic was a fantasy come true ...

My initial attempt turned out to be just that, as the Jumps were not all that close. That track was released as Barking Creek ...

This version of Bark River is more closer to that of the "real" Bark River International Raceway located outside of Bark River, Michigan.

The 1.5 Mile track is one of the most challenging in the WSORR series, allowing drivers to reach speeds in excess of 90 mph.

A special thanks goes to MadCowie, for his help and those FANTASTIC ORR Trucks that motivated me back to my love of OFF-Road Racing!

* Version 1.1 Update *

Textures: Redone from th clouds in the sky to the dirt, grass, trees and about every thing else that is on the track.

AIW: AI are more competitive, not like ther were bad before!

SCN: removed some of the trouble sounds that a few were having a problem with and got rid ove the annoying pit sounds.

Overall: its the same track with a face lift! IMO it looks a lot better now ... but I'll let you all vote and judge it on its merit..


I predict Desert Mesa should be done in about a month or less.

* Version 1.11 Update *

Fixed the track and grass sparkling issue that some people were experiancing.

Removed the rest of the annoying spectator sounds.

Removed all CEMENT haybails and made them act more haybail-ish ... (Oh they still hurt - except for the ones that move)

Changed the tire color from dark brown to white so you can find them easier!


Sorry I had to post this as a rev ... I just didn't feel good about having some just instal a patch and using different gmt files. So I felt it necessary to rev the whole track. Its safe just to overwite the exsisting track (but I still always prefer a fresh install).

Now I can get back to Mesa ...


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Have a 6 pac for me DDawy. Have really enjoyed racing your tracks and wish you were still at it. ken
kslater on Jul-30-2009

have a beer for me... tc DD..
THEDUMMY on Jul-30-2009

KittX has done a fantastic job with the updated textures ...

The AIW could use a bit of tweaking with the latest update ...

I have decided to hang up trackmaking.

For the amount of time I have spent ... Lets just say its no longer worth it.
I have even packed away my G25 ...

Good luck KittX ... and feel free to update any other of my tracks ... You do Great texture work ...

Maybe someday ... I will get the itch to design stuff again ...
DDawg on Jul-30-2009

Installed but it does not show up in track list??
THEDUMMY on Jul-30-2009

ok here's the link to it:

i don't know why the link didnt appear on rfc, seems the rfc crew completely lost interest in this site
KittX on Jul-30-2009

cannot wait!
forktom on Jul-12-2009

Ok, the version 2.0 will be published very soon.
It includes dry and wet versions; materials, textures and atmosphere overhaul.
The AIW on wet track needs some improvements tho, and we would be happy if someone can make better aiw for this one.
KittX on Jul-10-2009

Those new textures look frick'n great ...

I sure hope you're going to send me a sneak peek ...
DDawg on Nov-13-2008

Looks like your creating wonders Kittx. Hopefully you might attack crandon when you've finished with this project.
Madcowie on Nov-13-2008

Version 2.0 coming soon!
it will include the global update of textures and some materials, few .gdb, .tdf and .scn tweaks.
Big thanks to DDawg for permission, interesting in making the track better and patience, because i had to start working on update again, after my hdd crash.
KittX on Nov-11-2008

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