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Bathurst Legends 1972 1.30

By: Ausmodders
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 03-Apr-10
Current release: 1.300, on 07-Jul-10

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Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: EviLKarL
Screenie by: EviLKarL
Screenie by: EviLKarL
Screenie by: EviLKarL
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer

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Ausmoddders proudly present the next chapter in the legends of Bathurst, this time its the David v's Goliath era of 1972.

Bathurst Legends 1972 will include the famous GTHO Phase 3 Falcon, the mighty GTR XU1 Torana and the under estimated E49 Chargers doing battle with all new models, individual physics and the great liveries that are now infamous in Australian history.

Bathurst Legends 1972 will include the 1971 era cars also to really add to this great time of motorsport history.

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can you upload a real working link to the mod on medafire
hilll on Oct-04-2020

Hi I have the Bathurst 1970s pack but none of the chargers or falcons are working properly
aussietrucker082 on Nov-29-2016

Working link:
boof777 on Aug-12-2016

Whats happened to the Ausmodders web site?
I had it in my bookmarks but can no longer find it whether I use it or search the 'net....
BLeeK on Nov-26-2012

does anyone have that castrol super falcon skin?
anels9 on Nov-18-2012

my steering is way to direct needing little movement,is there any settings you reccomend,thanks
pigboy05 on Apr-12-2012

Originally posted by: Bandit2

Ok the body on the Charger is still off from the first time this mod has been sent out can you please fix that

I think what might bandit2 might be referring to here is a problem that I have encountered. There are no probs with the Torana & Falcon & no probs with the charger being driven by the player, but the AI chargers have the front left wheel sitting outside the left of the body, right front far left under the body, the rear right sitting right outside the body and the left rear sitting far right under the body, it looks pretty weird and I can't work out how to fix it. Is there any way to fix it ?

Other than that what a fantastic mod.
Twest on Oct-17-2011

Sorry, should be 7th July, not June, my bad.
ap6v8 on Jun-28-2011

XGN are hosting a BL 1972 league starting 7th June , info is here
Sorry, but Only for Australia and NZ players.
ap6v8 on Jun-28-2011

Having soooo much fun driving these things. The sounds are really fun too, makes me feel all fuzzy inside!

I have an XC Coupe which has been off-road for 5-6 years (needs restore $$$). This came real close to giving me that buzz again. Can't wait for the next mod with XC

Love you guys, and your wives

(Edit: I noticed the main menu is quite slow in parts, otherwise normal response)
lowlanda on May-24-2011

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