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Battery Town GT3 Cup Challenge NZ 1

By: WGTL NZ Mod Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 07-Apr-07
Current release: 1, on 07-Apr-07

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Screenie by: StretchOM3t
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Screenie by: StretchOM3t
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Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

The Battery Town GT3 Cup Challenge New Zealand runs the 996 GT3 Porsches . This mod uses the PCC05 mod with permission from Fonsecker of Team GSMF. All vehicles and drivers represent the 2005/06 season.
3 professional drivers contest the series every year, which are NZ A1GP driver Matt Halliday, Craig Baird (Current APCC champion) and Fabian Coulthard (cousin of F1 driver David) as well as other talented amatuer NZ drivers. It is a support class to the V8 Supercars at Pukekohe, and runs along side the NZV8s and Toyota Racing Series.

This mod runs as a standalone but also is the missing link from the International PCC mod. PCC05 Germany, the original mod thanks to GSMF, is required for the NZ Porsches to run so make sure you have that installed first.

There are also tracks in development. Pukekohe and Ruapuna have been converted and brought upto rFactor standards by Hugh Jarse.
Danman, the original creator of the previous mentioned tracks has scratch built Manfeild (Not a typo) which is currently undergoing beta testing and is set to scratch build the new layout for Taupo from accurate data.
Deadeyeski has taken on the task to build Timaru International Motor Raceway and is working away on that also from scratch.
Teretonga is being worked on by lasercutter

*Note* It is recommended for servers to run with ABS set to ON (low or high is the same) due to the real life versions of these cars use it, and it has been inbuilt into the mod. Having ABS off means the cars wont brake as well as they should. The real cars dont use any other aids, including traction control. This setting should be the same for all versions of PCC05. not running ABS on teh 996 GT3 is not realistic. It is not possible to disable the ABS on the real cars for the racing, so dont disable it on the servers, unless you dont like realism :P

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after that what do i have to do if it doesnt come up
brendon86 on Mar-09-2010

I had the same problem because I thought the update would be enough. It is not. You need to install the full version of the German PCC series version 1.2 first as it uses the same cars.

stinkySQL on Dec-20-2008

ive installed this mod but the only car that comes up is the pace car
i cannot see or race in any porches
alyssajono on Dec-12-2008

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Battery Town GT3 Cup Challenge NZ