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Battlefield of Masters 1.20

By: Rocana Nuskooler
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 05-Oct-11
Current release: 1.200, on 03-Nov-11

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Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler

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\\ Battlefield of Masters V1.00 //

Battlefield of master is created by Rocana for Rfactor.

Is a long permanent track with 21,32 Km, with a very funny layout. I was working on this project more than a year. The original layout was about 27 Km, and you spend a long time during the lap, so i do a lot of fast tracks unions, and i reduced the distance to 21 Km. I decided release the main layout, (the faster layout), so the others layouts will be released the next months. By the way, the track take a long time the first time you load it. Any bug comment please.

I really hope you enjoy, i spend thousands of hours working that... so don't forget vote please¡¡


Flashpeter, you're right, "learn it as we did Same way with Nordschleife". That would be ideal, because in the long circuits of this kind there are always many places to scratch time. Well I hope you enjoy the tremendous amount of work that has had this track. Do not forget to VOTE Thanks ¡¡¡¡¡

New on version 1.200;_______________________

FPS big improve¡¡ (deleted more than 500hd treeS)
Aiw line improve¡ (now doesn't crash big gruops anywhere)
Fixed cameras.
I lightened the scenery, goes more fluid.
Addeds some little bumps to be more realistic.
The pits is now for 36 cars.

I hope you enjoy¡¡¡ and don't forget to VOTE¡¡¡¡

Comment of the author;
I know that imaginary circuits are not very successful in online communities, even less a circuit wich requires so much effort to learn it. I created with the idea of ??doing something similar to Nordschleife, because in my point of view there are so many low long closed circuits. Some people get bored with the circuits of 17 curves, so this circuit is designed for pilots with some capacity.
This project has resulted me an enormous amount of time and effort, and it has damages caused in my life for the things I had to leave to dedicate to the circuit. It is also a monstrous job for one person do everything. For all that would be a great gesture on your part that you vote.

The layout wich passes arround the bridge will be released with other name, so to Battlefield i will release some other longer versions. I'm having some troubles with the track, if you have any problem please comment. Thanks ¡¡

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