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BeaveRun Motorsports Complex 0

By: Casey Graves
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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This track will feature the BeaveRun Motorsports Complex in Wampum, PA. It will feature the main north course for sports cars and motorcycles, the kart track and the skid pad used by the SCCA. More info will be released at a later date

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tgriffith any chance you can post your basic version of the track for now? I've got a chumpcar race at BeaveRun in a couple weeks and I've never been to the track. It would be awesome to get a basic feel for the circuit.

No worries if you can't.
Speedy-ice on Jun-19-2011

BeaveRun is also my home track. This past year, I ended up purchasing a GPS data logger, and logged a couple of days at the track. Then, just this past week, I found out about "Bob's Track Builder" - where I can import my GPS data and create a track. It was a painful process to convert the GPS data into the expected KML format, but I got that nailed down to perfection.
So - I now have a near-perfect BeaveRun track with elevation changes ("Bob's Track Builder" works fantastic). The only problem is - I'm horrible with being creative. I have not added any scenery to the track. I haven't even added the pit! But - it's still a complete blast to finally race on BeaveRun on the computer after doing it for so many years in real life... (thank goodness the computer doesn't need new tires!).
Anyway - if there's anyone out there that is good with "Bob's Track Builder", I'll send you my KML file so that we can have a great BeaveRun.
(I might try to upload my current track, just so that people have something to race on until we get an official finished product.
tgriffith on Nov-11-2010

So much for this idea........
rt2000pilot on Sep-17-2010

Have you even started on it?
bianchina on Oct-08-2009

hey, when is this track gonna be done?? no rush, but this one of my favorite tracks for karts!!
Kartracer41 on Feb-23-2009

Any idea of when to expect it? Its my home town track hehe
Eric Morse on Feb-21-2009

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