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Biffins Bridge Karting Club 1

Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Ovals
Initial release: 01-Feb-10
Current release: 1, on 01-Feb-10

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Screenie by: freew67
Screenie by: freew67
Screenie by: freew67
Screenie by: freew67
Screenie by: freew67
Screenie by: freew67

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I made BBKC to help out the Kart Factor mod. Its a flat ballpark 1/5 mile oval that you wont stop turning on. This track isnt based off any real track but ideas from multiple tracks. Inside lane has slightly less grip then rest of track. Track is setup for 30 cars and works at night. Friday nights Hot Dogs are 50 cents and beer is sold till 11:30pm.

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Hey thanks. I owe you a beer!
DoubleJ43 on Feb-04-2010
freew67 on Feb-02-2010

Hi, Can anyone help me find the kart factor mod? Thanks for your help.
DoubleJ43 on Feb-02-2010

-TT-Beta on Feb-02-2010

okay, guys... great, now I feel like having a hot dog and a beer... ;-)
dh_vetmed on Feb-01-2010

50 cent hot dogs and beer till 11:30 nice touch lol.
T018 on Feb-01-2010

Just needs a little bit more testing and the track should be out soon.
freew67 on Jan-29-2010

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