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BigSilverHotdog customized ENBseries for rFactor 1.40

By: Boris Vorontsov and BigSilverHotdog

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: bigsilverhotdog
Screenie by: bigsilverhotdog
Screenie by: bigsilverhotdog
Screenie by: bigsilverhotdog

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***VERSION 1.4 RELEASED 8/18/12***

This is a heavily customized version of enbseries specifically tweaked for use with rFactor, designed to run at higher FPS but still higher visual quality than most other ENB configs.

ENBseries plugin is by Boris Vorontsov, all I've done is customize the package with a specific d3d9 dll, custom enbseries ini, custom effect file, and detailed instructions (located in the Youtube video, link below).

Watch my Youtube video on this mod if you want further information.

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For more information, please, read the README file. Enjoy it.
newstart027 on Nov-30-2016

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newstart027 on Nov-08-2016

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newstart027 on Nov-08-2016

Originally posted by: speedevil999


default screen >

"improved" version >

Oh my gosh, What it is !!? It should improve the appearance of rFactor? You're probably joking, right? Not only does it get worse FPS, but it's so dark and blurred, that it's unplayable, YUCK!, "Thanks" > Delete :-/

This is actually a bug within ENBSeries. I have no clue why, but it does this on my rig too, while it works perfectly on my friend's. I've been looking for a solution, but still cannot find anything.
tpike1296 on Feb-05-2013

I didn't make the mp3 comparison, he did. If you don't care about immersion in your racing, that's perfectly fine. I use rfactor in 2012 because its still overall the best available simulator with the most content and customization ability. This mod is designed to improve immersion, especially when using Bruce's helmet cam. Surely you can recognize where this will be considered beneficial by many people. I didn't make this with the intent to distribute it; I made it for me, because what I wanted didn't exist. I'm sharing it because I love rfactor and want to contribute something useful to the community, as it has likewise contributed to my experience.

If you don't like it, don't use it. That's what makes rfactor such a fantastic sim. Everyone can customize their own experience.
bigsilverhotdog on Aug-20-2012

I am happy with the way rFactor looks. I'm using it as a simulator to race with, not just to look at it. So I'm not interested in something which makes rFactor better looking at the price of less FPS. But if somebody wants to make rFactor better looking for the people who prefer looks over FPS performance, we still should be thankfull for it.
I understand the comparison with mp3. MP3 is NOT just a file compression storage management tool. It manipulates audio with file compression as a result. But the manipulation makes the audio sound different. I prefer the uncompressed audio over the manipulated mp3 sound. This rFactor tool manipulates the video output from rFactor. It is changing the way it looks. It is a mather of taste if you like it or not.
NitroMcClean on Aug-20-2012

Version 1.4 is out with better brightness balance, updated shader presets, a new graphics DLL, and a video configuration guide.
bigsilverhotdog on Aug-18-2012

Silly to compare file compression (a storage management tool) with engine post processing graphics extensions... not really the same thing at all, but good luck taking your vinyl, cassette, and compact disc library with you wherever you go. I'm sure that's a lot of fun.
bigsilverhotdog on Jan-13-2012

Originally posted by: Fbasis


Why not? When someone has the courage to publish this plugin and even argue, that will improve the appearance of rFactor, my courage is unlike author plugin very small
rFactor is quite nice (of course limited by the possibilities of the graphic engine) - why is someone trying to It unnecessarily worsen? You are wasting time, this is unnecessary work.
Sorry, but publish this as improvements - it is like proclaim, that for example music compressed into MP3 commonly available on the Internet is better than the original audio format!
speedevil999 on Jan-13-2012

@ speedevil999

You have courage for posting a regular rfactor screen as a comparisson to this....

This is a real enhancement, and yes, performance gets worse when you use it.

Now, get out again into 2006.
Fbasis on Jan-13-2012

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