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Birubi 1.01

By: Profesor and Hugh Jarse
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Mar-09
Current release: 1.010, on 01-Mar-09

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Screenie by: profesor
Screenie by: profesor
Screenie by: profesor
Screenie by: profesor
Screenie by: profesor
Screenie by: profesor
Screenie by: profesor
Screenie by: profesor
Screenie by: profesor
Screenie by: profesor

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Birubi........ Aboriginal word for "The Southern Cross"

This is just my second scratch built track. After the success of Warwick Farm International, I thought I should follow it up with another track. This time I chose a fantasy track, mainly because many of the tracks I was planning have already been started by other track builders. With a great amount of guidence from Hugh Jarse..... Lord knows I think I drove him mad..... Birubi has become a reality. Hugh Jarse's help has been inspiring and creative and I thank him for his patience.

I wanted to create a destinctive Australasian feel to Birubi. One thing I want to bring to this track was league participation. So I invited many Australian and New Zealand leagues to have their logos placed on the track. Why should the Multi-National companies get all the free advertising?....LoL. There are still some company logos scattered around the track though, only because I like shopping there or using their products.....LoL

Birubi offers challenges to all types of drivers. There are many overtaking places where drivers will have to defend their track position. The complex of turns 5 and 6, will have even the most experienced drivers worried. I have included night lights around the track so leagues can run "good length" endro races.

To sum up, I have enjoyed bringing Birubi to Life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I.


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Hi, I don't remember from where I downloaded this track, so I've uploaded it here:
If there's some problem with profesor in uploading this track, you can contact me.
nandorock80 on Jan-20-2011

How do I download this track, there's no download link
BLeeK on Jun-25-2010

hi guys, can you send me this track please,
the rapidshare link gives me an error....
b-boybaker on Mar-25-2010

Can any of you send me the link to download this track please,

the link rapidshare gives me an error....
b-boybaker on Mar-25-2010

no download link stupid ass
f1freakrotterdam on Jan-23-2010

How can I download this - there are no links!!!
Katsu999 on Nov-14-2009

Hi, I tired to follow the link to rapdidshare but it is coming up saying the track is not available. Do you have another download option, I dont have much luck with rapidsahre ever. Mega Upload works well. Thanks, the track look awesome from the images and comments, cant wait to drive it.
ranlod on Sep-08-2009

OK, what some people have done is extracted the Birubi1.01 folder straight into the locations folder in rfactor....wrong inside the birubi 1.01 folder is Birubi. that folder is the one that should be copied into the location folder.

profesor on Jul-21-2009

I left the SCN file as it was and followed your installation instructions. When I try to load it on the Dedi-server it just stops and crashes. What did I miss ?
maxxad on Jul-16-2009

Please do not change the scn file.

profesor on Mar-21-2009

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