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Blank Track Loading Picture 1

By: Gianni Pallotti

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: GBP
Screenie by: GBP

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Black tracks loading picture for use in new submitted tracks

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Eso es un JPG no es un archivo PSD.
leo7 on Jan-31-2012

i dont understand the need for this... with a couple of clicks you can change the loading image to anything you want.. (i have arial shots of circuits in place) blank screen is easy.. sorry, i dont and never will get it? (puzzled) lol
THEDUMMY on Jul-18-2009

Why not, it's complete works and doesn't appear to have bugs. Yay we have a winner!
PvtStash on Jun-09-2009

Hall of Fame?

[don't get mad - i just couldn't resist ]
the_last_name_left on Jun-09-2009 loading screen.rar

PSD, original ISI as far as I can remember.
PvtStash on Jun-09-2009

This file or one just like it, has been floating around for a couple of years. At least that's how long I have had one. Personally, I have never taken the time to create a PSD file, since I don't use this format for my track screens anymore.
Pain-less on Jun-09-2009

and will look better to, jpg is a compressed format..
Gucio on Jun-09-2009

Do you not have it as a PSD (photoshop) file ?? this would be easier..
Radar2575 on Jun-09-2009

Correct new link:
GBP on Jun-05-2009

Can you submit a working dl link please?
SuperFreak on May-24-2009

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