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Booma 1

By: Maxattack and Legendsatlunch and EastWest Extreme Modding Crew
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Tracks
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Booma v1.0 by MaxAttack and Legendsatlunch

Its named after a playground of mine up at the Murray River (NSW Vic border) called Boomanoomana.
It's between Coutadida and Yarrawonga. Its a large forest with the sickest of tracks..

The track is fictional and I called it Booma for short.
Careful of the wildlife around the area, and if you look hard enough you will notice
a few things scattered around the countryside haha.
I made this track for all off road class's. The track has ruts on the edges and is smoother on the center of the track.
The jumps are made to go BIG. The track is around 6.8 kilometers long. The track is wide in most places for some side by side action.
This is my first track released using Bobs Track builder, with out it there would be no Booma track. So a big thanks to Piddy for the great program.
A very big Thank You, goes to Legendsatlunch for fine tuning and finishing this track.
Thanks to the EWE team for all of their testing, advise, inspiration and help.
Thanks to Golly for the excellent loading screens.
I hope you enjoy your time at the Booma track.

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