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Boss Hogg 1

By: (DBR) Uncle Jessie
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Oval Circuits
Initial release: 18-Jun-08
Current release: 1, on 18-Jun-08

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Boss Hogg is a 1 mile tri-oval. It has a small jump exiting turn 2, a large hill, a double jump on turn 3 and an optional short-cut jump across the start/finish line at turn 1. A very fun, fast track.

Driving tips:
1. Treat the hill as you would a corner...SLOW DOWN! Let off the gas half way up the hill so you don't jump as far and as soon as you land gas it so you clear the double jump on turn 3.(some cars you will need to tap the breaks in the air of the turn 3 double jump to tilt your car foreward a little.)
2. Fastest lap time can be obtained by running a good lap the 'long' way around then on the next lap use the 'short-cut'.
The short-cut gets you across the start/finish line faster but, the 'long' way carries more speed through the straight. If you run just the short-cut for 10 laps then run the long way for 10 laps, you will see the times are very close but using the combination of the 2 at the right moments can really help you gain track position.

This track has made for some great strategic races online because of the short-cut. You never know when your opponents will take it and the exit of the short-cut is dangerous, you gotta nail it just right to make it worth taking.

Once eyecandy. We did get a 3D modeler but it does not work with rfactor files so we are searching for a new one.

I know these tracks are not for everyone but, for those of you who like jumping your car 'Dukes' style...enjoy.


Remember as on all DBR tracks, this track must be put(kept) in the DBRDukeBoysRacing folder inside your locations folder or it will only load half way and kick you out of your game.

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