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Brands Hatch 2011 0.20

By: AceKarter
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: AceKarter
Screenie by: AceKarter

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Help - Hi everyone. I plan on making a newer version of Brands hatch because the current one seems just slightly outdated and unrealistic to me. dont get me wrong, its a very good mod, but why do with what we've got when more practical solutions are out there.

Although I will (of course) be putting my heart and soul into making this track, two brains are always better than one, and if theres more then that, even better. It would really help me if

1. someone could make an xpack for Bobs Track Builder containing any necessary buildings and the paddoc area, with the pitlane aswell.

2. someone could upload images for textures of kerbs (specifically for Brands Hatch) and run off such as the green road on the exit of paddock bend.

3. someone could give me the widths of each corner and straight in BTB units (the more widths the better).

Other than that I will do my best, and it would also help if someone could give me detailed photos of each corner from different angles, as google earth gets a bit flat when up close and youtube videos don't explore the surroundings of the circuit.

Thank you to everyone who is kind enough to help, and I hope everyone is as excited as me!

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Not released yet? come on....
Rage9one on Jul-05-2013

Hi. i dont live too far from Brands and have been quite a lot over the years. My only real gripe with the current version of Brands is that Sterlings corner has quite a lot of camber to the apex in reality but on the current version on rF there is no camber on the corner. And clearways has a couple of dips in it before it climbs on the start finish straight.
Cant wait to try it.
Firkin on Nov-14-2011

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