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Brasil Raceway 1

By: Silvano Cangaceiro
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 18-Sep-13
Current release: 1, on 18-Sep-13

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: Silvano Cangaceiro
Screenie by: Silvano Cangaceiro

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I want to thank here all fellow modelers group BRAZIL

This is a track I made in honor fictional leagues and especially the Brazilian Brazilian drivers that make these alloys very fucks.

This track began in 2009, and let it go, because I would like her to have elements that at the time of its conception I had not enough knowledge about programs as Bobs Track Builder and 3Dsimed. But I knew it was a track that had great potential especially for competitions with touring cars. So I decided to take her ostracism and finish well after knowing how to handle and make it as actually pictured.

Doubts about the track:

Yes she is deliberately broad, because it will be from touring cars to trucks. As the pits are higher;
If you have a sound in your folder called Fans, be able to listen to the fans during the race or rank.

Thanks: Bobs Track Builder, Xpacks and tow scoretowers the Nascar SERIES.

I want to leave my thanks to friends LEAGUES:


Special thanks to friends who helped directly and indirectly in the preparation and finalization of the track.

Richard Eburah - My new OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD Friend, THANKS
DjJonathan Silva
Paulo Taveira -
Wallace Darienco
William Rodrigues (Guinea Pig)
João Gilberto (JG- # PIRANOTRUCK)
Facundo Gallega
Douglas Vieira

At most I can only thank the friends and colleagues.

Brazilian Portuguese

Quero agradecer aqui a todos os companheiros do grupo MODELADORES BRASIL

Essa é uma pista ficcional que fiz em homenagem as ligas brasileiras e principalmente aos pilotos brasileiros que tornam essas ligas muito fodas.

Essa pista comecei em 2009, e deixei pra lá, pois gostaria que ela tivesse elementos que na ocasião de sua concepção eu ainda não tinha conhecimento suficientes sobre os programas como Bobs Track Builder e 3Dsimed. Mas sabia que era uma pista que tinha um grande potencial principalmente para competições com carros de turismo. Então resolvi tirar ela do ostracismo e terminar depois de bem conhecer como lidar e fazer ela como realmente imaginei.

Duvidas sobre a pista:

Sim ela é larga propositalmente, pois caberá desde carros de turismo a caminhões. Assim como os boxes são mais altos;
Se tiver um som na sua pasta chamado Fans, conseguirá escutar a torcida durante a corrida ou classificação.

Quero deixar meus agradecimentos aos amigos das LIGAS:

BOXRACEBRASIL - Combustivel Virtual - LIGA DELUX - Speed Machines - Formula Master

Agradecimentos em especial aos amigos que ajudaram direta e indiretamente na confecção e finalização da pista.

Richard Eburah - My new OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD Friend, THANKS
DjJonathan Silva
Paulo Taveira - Manja Muito
Wallace Darienco
Willian Rodrigues (Cobaia)
João Gilberto (JG-#PIRANOTRUCK)
Facundo Gallega
Douglas Vieira

No mais só tenho a agradecer aos amigos e colaboradores.

Silvano Cangaceiro

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At the time I'm writing this, there aren't lots of Formula One historical mods for rFactor: we are plenty of mods from the new millennium of racing.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

Lap is not counted when one drives through pits. Shame.
Piracae44 on Nov-05-2013

An Awesome track thats LOTS of fun. Thank you very much
BlkJello on Sep-25-2013

A pista está simplesmente maravilhosa. Me senti lisonjeado a ser um dos primeiros a experimentar essa obra prima do Silvano. Uma riqueza de detalhes incrivel. Dificil você se concentrar no traçado e não se embasbacar com a beleza da pista.
Parabens a todos envolvidos nesse trabalho maravilhoso.

The track is simply wonderful. I felt flattered to be among the first to experience this masterpiece Silvano. An incredible wealth of detail. Hard you concentrate on track and not gawk at the beauty of the track.
Congratulations to all involved in this wonderful work.
willrod on Sep-22-2013

Great track, lots of details, very realistic, a beautiful job with all the quality you always see on the tracks of Silvano. We, Formula Masters, we are honored to be remembered both in thanks as the LOD. We intend to carry out in a few days, one 4FUN this track, who knows Dolan's Rage, both postponed. : v
danfeliciano on Sep-22-2013


When the car passes the pits, the tower is not counted !!!

Thank you to see the problem and congratulations for this great track.
samydavis on Sep-22-2013

I drove Silvano Cangaceiro's Brasil Raceway for a bunch of laps. It is a tricky track to drive, I had very few perfect laps. I was driving SCL Brasil mod as well as the '76 Formula Atlantics. The track has an impressive amount of detail and an excellent frame-rate. Fun to drive, but it will take some practice.
a_quester on Sep-21-2013

A great job, unbelieveble textures, cameras and physic, is in my HOF

wallacedarienco on Sep-20-2013

Parabéns Silvano!! Já dei uma volta e já está saindo um vídeo em 1080p.

To correct lane blurry, just open your file "plr" search line "mip mapping" and switch to 0 (zero).

Para corrigir pista embaçada, basta abrir o seu arquivo "plr" procurar a linha "mip mapping" e trocar para 0 (zero).
ricpos on Sep-20-2013

To correct lane blurry, just open your file "plr" search line "mip mapping" and switch to 0 (zero).
ricpos on Sep-20-2013

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