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Brisbane International Speedway 3

By: nitroline
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Ovals
Initial release: 28-Dec-09
Current release: 3, on 09-Jan-10

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Screenie by: nitroline
Screenie by: nitroline
Screenie by: nitroline
Screenie by: nitroline
Screenie by: nitroline
Screenie by: nitroline
Screenie by: nitroline
Screenie by: nitroline
Screenie by: nitroline
Screenie by: nitroline

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now has loading pictures
now has 3 different tracks
WWS2009(World Series Sprintcars)


the track now has lights thanks to Stealthy_modder who made them for me
out side of the track now has some buildings and fence

since there was no australian dirt tracks, i thought i would give it a go. i am using bobs track builder. this is my first track

BIS brisbane international speedway (a.k.a Archiefield speedway)

if you have any comments or advice please contact me

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hey can you get these 3 tracks on
Hobart (GRANTON)
Launceston (CARRICK)
Devenport (Latrobe)

It would be great if you could get these tracks on

p.s. Never heard of them, propley not cause there all in Tassie
MercedesBenzz on Apr-19-2011

sorry guys have not had time to work on the tracks.

i have got photos for all three tracks that you are after. i have started Mothar Mountain Speedway. track did not turn out goo and will start it again.

properly wont be for awhile thou.

if anyone is interested in Finnish the other tracks email me at
nitroline on Dec-11-2010

hey would you mind if you had time look into a couple of my fav tracks for mods in rfactor such as:
Rockhampton Speedway,QLD
Mothar Mountain Speedway, Gympie,QLD
Maryborough Speedway, QLD

It would be so cool if you did and i hope you get this message.

Thx Mate.
gympiemaccas on Oct-03-2010

I'm getting a problem with this and the Toowoomba track. When I try loading the track, it says "Error loading mesh file to memory"
Simonracer on Feb-07-2010

hi HamiltonF107. i am willing to give it a go. if you could get me some photos of the track i will see what i can do. i have just go back from a trip where i took photos of tracks inc roma, blackwater, rockhampton , Maryborough and guimpie
nitroline on Jan-24-2010

good work good to see some aussie tracks mate. any chance of whipping up avalon speedway in vic ?
HamiltonF107 on Jan-15-2010

update i have been doing a lot of work on the out side of the track. working on the pit,fence and grandstands etc. will up load new version soon
nitroline on Jan-04-2010

Just a suggestion but if you make your tracks about another car wider it will make for better online racing. Other than that it's looking pretty good.
ffsbudman on Dec-29-2009

i have lost the old track when my computer crashed. i will have a new 2009 one up for beta testing. i have race the boz sprint on it and the time were close. it shold be bu soon with two other betas
nitroline on Dec-28-2009

Hi just wondering how this track is coming along
bullzye7 on Dec-02-2009

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