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British F3 2008 0.10

By: Scott Wilde
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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A mod soon to be released based on the 2008 season of the British F3 International Series. Screenshots should be coming later in the week. This mod will use the rF3 physics.


#03 Carlin Motorsport Done
#04 Carlin Motosport Done

#17 Carlin Motorsport WIP

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any progress?
a1gpmatty on May-19-2009

This series will be ready soon. In answer to tomdil's question at present im using one of the old mods to create the skins but I am looking for a modeller to do the Dallara so if anyone knows anyone it would be greatly appreciated if you refer them to me. PM if you do.
SWilde on Jan-27-2009

Are you speaking about a real 2008 F3 with the new Dallara F308 or just about skins?
tomdil on Dec-12-2008

When will be ready this series?
kinoracing on Nov-16-2008

please introduce all the british f3 championship cars with the addition of the Ombra Racing's wild-card with the drivers Matteo Chinosi and Federico Leo.
kinoracing on Nov-09-2008

hi man, i want to help you, i have tsport cars done
rodrigouy on Sep-16-2008

Is there any chance you cab make this to work on the F3 Euro 2007 mod insted of the RF3? It is a much improved RF3.
u0406096 on Sep-02-2008

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