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Brno (GTR2) 1.10

By: Baule
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 29-Apr-09
Current release: 1.100, on 07-May-09

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Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule
Screenie by: [dd]Baule

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Brno v1.0 converted from GTR2

NOTE: Since this track has been converted from GTR2 you need the original GTR2-game for the installation. I know some of you won't be very happy about that but I respect SimBin's work and it's the only legal way to release the track for rFactor!
If the installation aborts although you have the original GTR2-disc in your CD/DVD drive please contact me here on rFC.


- fully working start- and pitlights
- nightlights
- updated CAM and AIW
- some updated textures
- loading screen by Taku

If anybody from Simbin would like this file taken down please contact either me or rFactorCentral to do so.

Please do not post/host this download without the file checking installer present.


UPDATE: Brno v1.1

- fixed gravel-textures in DX7 and DX8 mode


Further versions won't be released on rFC...

For updates, visit

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jamesjohn on Nov-16-2020

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NoaLording on Dec-16-2018

Can someone add download link pls
KennyJG on Apr-20-2016

Pity, while some build them multi platform, here is a track that is limited for anyone who does not own GTR2.
But afaik, help is on the way: There will be more versions of Brno, without this GTR2 check. And then this Brno version will be obsolete.
erwin greven on Jan-23-2015

No dl link??
Sasuke024 on Jan-23-2012

my tests:
with f1 rft:
and with f1 rmt:
norbi999987 on Jan-19-2012

norbi999987 on Jan-04-2012

This is a Forum for rFactor owners: if someone publishes a track here, but with the need of another game to be suitable for rFactor, there is no sense in publishing it here.
This way to publish the track with limiting check through a GTR2 disk is simply demential......and I have not seen any reasonable and clever replay from the Author ( the "illegaly" converted the GTR2 track for rFactor ).
acciarri on May-31-2011

is there a chance for someone like me how only have GTR1 and first Race WTCC Game?
exxe on Dec-08-2010

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