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Brosville Raceway Park 2

By: Zeke
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 24-Jul-10
Current release: 2, on 02-Apr-11

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Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov

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Brosville v2.0 is here!

Nestled in the hills of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California is a fast club racing track, Brosville. Designed for touring cars in the online racing world, it's very fast with plenty of elevation changes. Blind corners keep you on your toes. Some bumps keep you from going on autopilot, and there are two places to draft other cars.

If you like Mosport or Cadwell Park, you'll like this track. With a short length of just under 4km, it is perfect for online racing.

Only the layout was kept from version 1.0. There is all new terrain and objects all around the track to keep things interesting. This track was built using Bob's Track Builder and a few of the free things at


Please completely delete any Brosville or Brosvillev11 folder from your current Locations directory. Failure to do so may result in a bad install and errors upon track loading.


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Hello Zeke,

Maybe my fps problems was caused by some other issue, see PM.
Nice track btw !
André on Apr-03-2011

Hey Zeke
A really great track you have built here ;-)
To drive power riesen fun him.

gruß Wusel
Wusel on Apr-03-2011

I can get version 1.01 working, but version 1.1 causes a lock-up or CTD.
Anyone else have this problem?
clockit on Oct-20-2010

Nice track Zeke! Can't wait for your next project.
SpeedRacer on Oct-17-2010

I like the track very much but the lag I get when near the pits greatly slows down the frame rate.
DougSpinster on Oct-17-2010

Hi Guys,

Looks like someone added a link to hotfile, thanks to whoever did that! I'm new at this and didn't find the comments until today, so sorry about that. For future versions I'll try and find some alternatives.

Thank you for the kind comments. I really like the high speed stuff with elevation changes on tracks like Mosport and Cadwell Park, so that's where I got my inspiration from. I've also raced real cars at Laguna Seca, Sears Point, and Thunderhill, so I could draw on experience from there too (especially T-hill, a very underrated track in my opinion). Anyway, version 1.1 is coming out soon that fixes a few issues. And yeah, I thought it was too green as well even for springtime out here in the Bay Area! Oh well, next time. I'll create another high speed track eventually, but I'm already suffering from burnout from building this one.

Thanks again for the compliments, and have fun racing!
wagnerov on Aug-17-2010

Sorry, but i cant download the track from megaupload. It fails......
Barin on Jul-29-2010

Hmm, what they say is true. Great looking track 'n all, going by the pictures. But buggered if I can aquire it from Megaupload. A alternative link would be a bonus.

EDIT: After some 12 hours later I finally got it off Megaupload. And to be honest, It's got to be the best fantasy circuits I've ever tried with rFactor. It appears you have a natural talent when it comes to track design, Zeke.. Well done, keep up the good work!
Toads on Jul-28-2010

Hey if one waters the grass it will grow!!!
Rogenater on Jul-27-2010

Megaupload is a really, really bad joke. I've tried d/l'ing eight times and each time it fails...the last time at 61.5 out of 61.8 megabytes. Please consider an alternative.
Toonces on Jul-26-2010

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