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Buckmore Park 1

By: Dave Waters
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 03-Aug-10
Current release: 1, on 03-Aug-10

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Screenie by: Davesta
Screenie by: Davesta
Screenie by: Davesta
Screenie by: Davesta
Screenie by: Davesta
Screenie by: Davesta
Screenie by: Davesta
Screenie by: Davesta
Screenie by: Davesta
Screenie by: Davesta

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Buckmore Park v1.0 by Dave Waters 3/8/2010

The track is built from sratch entirely in Bob's Track Builder. It is a representation of how the track looks in 2010. It's probably not 100% accurate but as a regular at the track I'd say it was pretty close.

To install, extract the whole rar archive into your rFactor locations folder.



My track is featured in the October issue of Karting Magazine. Buy a copy and check it out!


My track has been featured in an article! Visit this website:

The website is very good and some of you motor racing fans out there might find it interesting!

Thanks to:
Brendon Pywell for Bob's Track Builder
ISI for rFactor
Alan Wood and everyone at Buckmore for their support
Steve Foreman for his high-res photos
Jody Fannin and Chris Hanson for testing from the early stages of development
Everyone who tried the beta version for their positive feedback
Mark Waters (my dad) for even more photos of the track!
Everyone on the BTB forums at RaceDepartment who answered my questions

All of the loading screens etc. were created by me.

Known Issues:
I've only done the AIW to the best of my capability in the BTB AIW editor. The AI cars are slow and there are a few issues with them in the pits. If anyone wants to do it properly for me, you're welcome to. There may be the odd flickering texture that I've missed, but there's nothing major. I don't know what FPS performance is like, as I've only got my computer to test it on, but it runs smoothly for me. I've tried to optimize the performance as much as possible despite this.

There are some spectator stands missing from certain points on the track, as someone else was supposed to be doing this for me but he seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth so I'm afraid they'll have to stay missing for now. I may add them at a later point, but frankly they're too complicated and fiddly to be done in BTB and I'm no 3DMax expert. The track lights are also non-functioning as I haven't got the faintest idea how to do that either.

If you find any other issues let me know.

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Dave. if u are still active would u mind if i converted this track to kart racing pro ?
maxt35 on Mar-01-2014

may you create ellough ?
benrourke5 on Jul-21-2013

This is brilliant! so realistic! i don't suppose you would take requests for another kart track, it would be amazing if you could create it
subaru54 on Aug-27-2012

do tou know how to change the track grip levels as i think its too low thanks
(awesome track tho)
own21 on Apr-20-2012

i love this track and its brillant but im just having minor issues with the track as it seems to have realy low grip so the karts slide aroung all over the place. do u know how to change the track grip levels Thanks
own21 on Apr-20-2012

Very nicely done mate... keep up the good work.
we are going to need more quality tracks like this in rF2.

Thank you.
Slimjim on Sep-22-2011

OMG i live warren wood rochester used to work at bmp this is gonna be mad cant wait to try and thank you so much ur work is 1st class
layz1 on Apr-24-2011

Good to see the recognition you have received in the media, I'm sure that it is "priceless" I know how time concuming it is, I model cars for FO and FO2. I have 3d-simed, zmodeler2, and have tried Bob's Track Builder. Wish I had the time.
Heddly on Jan-21-2011

Bradley at top right where it says like screenshots, 1 click install, 1 click install manual and stuff. click the "1 CLICK INSTALL MANUAL" and it works hope tht helped u bud
AlecCain on Dec-11-2010

BradleyPhilpot on Dec-11-2010

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