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Budapest 0.20

By: Rafi
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: rafacz
Screenie by: rafacz

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2008.11.25 - I have to wait the spring to collect textures, but i dont stop making the models. I think, the release date will be april, 2009. I work on the track, when I can, but I can't do it every time.

This track is on the streets of Budapest, some of the streets have already seen F1 cars, but there was no race held here yet.

Here is a YouTube video:

I am making the track in two quality version:
There will be a normally and an extremely detailed one.
The normal track is what we got used to.
The extreme track will contain things like full 3D trees, 3D grass, potholes:D (who lives in Budapest will understand it:D), 3D spectators on trackside, 3D tyre walls wich moves bin case of collision, etc. Of course it has it's system requirements, but I promice it will look better than a track from F1 CE on PS3.

I have to design some unreal building in order to make the track possible to race on it. On Deák Ferenc square, there will be a pit building, which I intend to design in a historic style. I will place also some grandstands, just for the feeling of a real race track.

Attention! If someone wants to place an advertisement next to the track, just write me (rafacz/@/freemail/dot/hu), and donate!

What is finished:
-track layout
-some models (connected to vegetation)

The track contains long straights and low speed turns, wich is good for overtaking and there is some fast corners where the wall is too close:D. The start grid is on Deák Ferenc square on a short straight. Then there is a fast right turn which ends in a 90-degree right corner. Then comes the longest straight, the Rákóczi avenue and the Elizabeth Bridge
with a full throttle turn. Then comes two almost 90° right-turn with a short straight. Then you go down and a little left, then you arrive to the slowest point of the track: a right-left chicane. Then a long straight brings you to the Clark Ádám sq. where a roundabout makes you to turn right to the Chain bridge. Then there is a lot of 90° turns. On Roosevelt sq. right, left, a moderate straight, left, right, Basilica, right, Elizabeth square, a fast left turn (ca.45°), and the finish line on Deák Ferenc square. This is my track:).

If someone could give me plans, drawings of the buildings on the path, I'd be very pleasured. Thank you.

/sry for my english/

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Kár, hogy a Moszkva térre nem megy be
De azért majd kipróbálnám ezt a pályát
csepecz.andras on Jul-13-2010

Nekem úgy t?nik, hogy soha...
geogeogeo on Mar-12-2010

How's the track coming? Still working on it?
Cop2007 on Mar-18-2009


I wait for this track, because I have lived there for 13 years.
I hope it will be ready soon.
I think it would be funny to have 2 versions. One is a race track and the other is with trafic like every day, the streets full of cars.

Keep up.
valiante on Dec-04-2008

Vovovo, ez nagyon király! Mindigis szerettem volna a Budai alsó rakparton száguldozni. Ha elkészül, tuti beiktatjuk a WTCC naptárba.
Kitartást hozzá! kb mikorra készülsz el vele?

Caisse d'Epargne on Oct-27-2008

Looks like it could be an aewsome circuit, good luck and hope you finish it!
Vesa549 on Aug-30-2008

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