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Buddh international circuit 2011 0.91

By: gf187
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 26-Feb-12
Current release: 0.910, on 14-Mar-12

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The circuit is part of the 2,500 acres (10 km2) Jaypee Greens Sports City,[7] Greens Sports City home which also includes a 100,000 seat cricket stadium, 18-hole golf course, 25,000 seat hockey stadium and a sports academy have been planned. The sports complex is expected to cost 40 billion[6] ($820 million) and generate $170m of revenue annually, and employ 10,000 people.[9] The design was forwarded to the teams to gather feedback on how the circuit could be altered to improve overtaking and this has resulted in some minor changes as became clear from April 2010. The planned hairpin at turn seven will be removed, and the track at turn three will be widened to allow drivers to take different lines throughout the corner. More information was released in August 2010, revealing that there were plans to make the circuit one of the most challenging for drivers, with the circuit rising fourteen metres within the first three corners alone and a banked double-apex bend on the far side of the circuit.[10]
One of the most notable sections of the circuit is the multi-apex turn 10–11–12 sequence. It has been likened to the long, fast Turn 8 at Turkey’s Istanbul Park circuit and is expected to generate high tyre loadings. Unlike Turkey’s Turn 8, it tightens on exit and is a clockwise right-hander. It is anticipated to be one of the main overtaking points, and circuit’s main straight, at 1060m, is among the longest in F1. The pitlane is also one of the longest in F1, at more than 600 metres. Time spent in the pitlane will be an important factor in determining race strategies..[11]
Before the opening weekend, the expected lap time for a Formula One car around the 5,137m long track, was 1 minute, 27.02 seconds, at an average speed of 210.03 km/h (131 mph). At the end of the long straight between corners 3 and 4, Formula One cars were expected to reach a top speed of about 318 km/h (198 mph).[12] In the inaugural qualifying session, Sebastian Vettel turned in a lap time of 1 minute, 24.178 seconds, beating the predicted lap times from tyre manufacturer Pirelli. Scuderia Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersuari posted the top speed through the speed trap, reaching 324.2 km/h.
The sprawling circuit, which is a part of the Jaypee Green Sports city, will also be used for hosting one or more rounds of Moto GP championships in the year 2012.

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In SCE we use real world information to develop our physics in all three of our series.
newstart027 on Nov-30-2016

download now,thank you india country.
dvittael on May-08-2013

yes it's valid, i didn't receive any mail...
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I've dropped a mail to but din't get a reply, is this address still valid?

derDumeklemmer on Sep-26-2012
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I will help you

When do you like that send the link for email or here?
wizard2275 on Apr-08-2012

I will help you
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Poblema in sector 1 and 2 AIW, the cars make a stop and accelerate, would fix this?
f1dj on Apr-07-2012

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OK, you may do it, after give me a link to download it

thanks, I've become, but I have a couple of glitches with the lights of the traffic lights, you could help me with that?
wizard2275 on Apr-07-2012

OK, you may do it, after give me a link to download it
gf187 on Apr-07-2012

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