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Buffalo Back Park V4 4

By: Matt Sotomayor and Ron ODell
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Oval Circuits
Initial release: 11-Jul-11
Current release: 4, on 11-Jul-11

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Screenie by: Matt Sotomayor and Ron ODell
Screenie by: Matt Sotomayor and Ron ODell

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Originally made in 2007 by Matt Sotomayor (as "321 Development"), this track has been modified and expanded with permission by Ron "Keeper" O'Dell.

It now features 12 "layouts", including dirt and paved versions of most:

Oval (dirt & paved) -- 1/3 mile

Figure-8 (dirt & paved)

Enduro (dirt & paved) -- mostly the oval but uses part of the F8 course as a "dog leg" on the back straight.

Double Dog Dare (dirt & paved) -- uses the F8 course but in a circular fashion, i.e. two dog legs with the cars driving head-on toward one another before turning away.

Merger Mayhem (dirt & paved) -- almost a Figure-8, but the second time at the X, you turn right and merge into traffic, re-using a portion of the track until you get to oval Turn 4, then do a hairpin left onto the front straight. It's crazy and fun, but not as crazy as...

Pole Dance -- a crazy course through the infield including a 450-degree loop around one light pole, then charge around to the pole on the other side with a Figure-8 crossover. This layout should use a standing start only; the rows are five wide.

Destruction Derby -- Unchanged from the original BBP track. It's just an arena to hold D-derbies rather than races.

The pits work now (provided you don't cut between the haulers -- drive to the end of the haulers then make a U turn around them, and park nose-first into your stall, then back out to complete your pit stop, local-short-track style), starting lights/flag and caution lights are added, night lighting, pace car, etc. are all fully functional.

See the included readme file for important notes.

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hi keep. its me from youtube on your SS vid. i like the mod and this track!
dudeman221 on Apr-29-2012

For those wondering what's with the video on the track page: It's not an AI problem; that is the actual "Pole Dance" layout!
Keeper on Jul-13-2011

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