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Bugatti Veyron 0

By: RMi
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: GT
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Bugatti Veyron - 1001hp

Project is now under direction of RMi. This car will be released as a larger "supercar" mod featuring the F40 and CCX.

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its the 2011 model very nice car
ltd21 on Mar-26-2012

you can buy a bugatti veyron at comes in 30 different color combos the cost is 6 dollors
ltd21 on Mar-26-2012

Bugatti Veyron for rfactor 1
God bless you all
coreofgalaxy on Mar-24-2012

Hows the mod comming along?
Sasuke024 on Jan-24-2011

Can someone who has got this mod working with all files complete and in the right place..
Please, please upload. The beta is a pain as is. Cheers
mrpanorama on Sep-02-2010

There is no rFM file, you have to make your own.
Firefox on Jul-16-2010

porfavor alguien me puede pasar el rfm????

please somebody can found the rfm file???
PDNEJOH on Jul-15-2010

It'll be nice to see a final release of this. Every racing game needs at least one 250+mph car.
russell450 on May-04-2010

How do I get the Veyron working? There is no rFm folder inside the .zip file from Rapidshare so I don't have a clue what I'm supposed to do!!
PieLighter on Apr-29-2010

I have no idea what this modder is doing, but I believe he has forgotten the car or gave it up.

Many have remarked that the physics is not really good: me included. I have thus proceeded to 'repair' it, and thanks to the large amount of data available for the Veyron, I believe I have been able to do it.

I have packed all the changed files and made them available here (the files are only 17 kB in size because they are only text files (.ini, .hdv, .cam, .tbc, .veh)):

I have not asked for any permission because I can't find a way to contact this person. However, in order to play safe, may I also add that I don't claim any rights for my work. If you find it good, feel free to use it, modify it or whatever you want. Also if the modder sees this file, please feel free to test it and adopt it without any worries if he finds it OK.


Just unpack everything in the GameData\Vehicles\veyron folder. You may want to back up the original files before replacing them in case the new ones don't work.

What is changed:

1. The torque is now correctly modeled from real data.
2. The weight is corrected; the fuel tank capacity is corrected.
3. The tires now offer a more realistic 1 lateral-g grip; however I have added a new set of tires that you can choose in the in-race menu, called Slicks, with better grip.
4. The ride height is adjusted so it matches all 3 settings on the real Veyron. Also the drag coefficient is adjusted so that it is equal to the Top Speed setting when aerodynamics are set to (1, 1) and to the Handling setting when set to max.
5. Corrected brakes, that will stop the car in a more realistic time (i.e. slower)
6. The TV Cockpit camera is corrected: the original one was placed too low and saw 'through' the bonnet.
7. For the fun of it, I added an Upgrade that reduces the weight of the car, improves braking, etc. You'll find it in the menu under Upgrades.

FYI: tires are created so that you should use Slicks only with the upgraded version. Otherwise, with the original (heavier car) they will quickly increase temperature over the optimum point.

What I did NOT change: the graphics. I don't know how, and even if I did, I believe it would kind of be a copyright infringement to do so.

So download and have fun with the mighty Veyron. Don't forget to break in the corners, otherwise you'll find yourself out of the road in no time. Don't forget 1 lateral-g will seem pretty slow in the game, but if that is the real value, you'll have to accept it. Anyhow, choosing the upgrade and the Slicks will make the car very fast and maneuverable.
John Wain on Feb-09-2010

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