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Bundy City 3

By: legendsatlunch
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 29-Apr-12
Current release: 3, on 29-Aug-12

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Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch
Screenie by: legendsatlunch

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Welcome to Bundy City! V3 (Completely fictional)

6 Layouts to race around

I have created working traffic lights, so in the Open layout street drags can be had!! the lights are now mostly sincronised, the occasional light is out of sync, I don't know how to fix it....
but it's not really a big deal....

I added over 10k's of roads to make a country loop out of the city.
which makes up the tt races.

All new barriers, some custom textures and animations.

Race day objects added to the race circuits. ( missing from previous version)

Cameras added to all layouts.

huge amount of thanks to PYCAT for the 2 lap cams at the city layout. Thankyou mate they are fantastic.

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The link isn't working. If anybody would send me a MediaFire link i'll appreciated!
LorandShakur on Mar-30-2020

this course could be filled with mediafire
zotya74 on Jul-19-2018

Nsuka is a virtual circuit about the 'Naruto Skyline' in Naruto city,Tokushima,Japan.
halloween costumes
best waist trainer
inflatable dinosaur costume
little red riding hood costume
wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Nov-07-2016

DKR27 put the fix TGA files into locations\bundybeach\bundyopen (make sure to not leave the TGA files in their current folder!) Bundy snow should show up in freeroam section of the track selection menu in rfactor. hope this helps
crxdriver63 on Jul-25-2015

Where do you put the fix, I placed the folder in Locations and it doesn't work.

Also, Bundy Snow doesn't appear in the menu.
DKR27 on Jul-22-2015

This is the main track:


This is the fix for the errors:


This is Bundy snow:
crxdriver63 on Jan-07-2015

The link in the download, is not working.
Tritan012 on Jan-03-2015

nice thx crxdriver63
Slobbeman on Dec-06-2014

BUNDY IN THE SNOW MediaFire link for Slobbeman..
crxdriver63 on Dec-06-2014

hehe we must have a decryption key upload it on mediafire instead crxdriver63
Slobbeman on Dec-05-2014

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