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Bus Tour Phase 1 1

By: lalalalalala (Hatrix)
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 11-May-09
Current release: 1, on 11-May-09

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Screenie by: lalalalalala
Screenie by: lalalalalala

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Hm I think youtube somehow manage to take down all my previous videos.

Anyways, I present my AMATEUR (I STRESS AGAIN AMATEUR) project BUS MOD.

This is PHASE 1 with 32 buses.

Just extract and put the bus folder to the vehicle folder. May need to enable all mods and cars to see them.

Here are 2 youtube vids of the buses in action (the drivers are mad)

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I've downloaded the mod and it doesn't come with any rfm files so i cant even use it ingame
need4speed on Aug-24-2012

Originally posted by: leeballz

is the mediafire download trusted?

Why wouldn't it be? Mediafire has been around for years.
SternLX on Jul-17-2012

is the mediafire download trusted?
leeballz on Oct-23-2011

i am a bus driver in real life and this so much fun legally
fastaz1 on Mar-12-2011

This mod is awesom , Its cool to drive with these on Lienz Festival tracks!
thijsmeerveld on Jul-14-2010

howw to download it man
banny/pro on Jul-02-2010

soo, am i pushing it asking when phase 3 is coming out?

Maybe a Novabus LFS Articulated or Novabus LFX? MCI Novabus or GM CLASSIC (the one you have is a new look Fishbowl you got it wrong)
tonimik on Jun-24-2010

Thanks alot for the link superdavid94 and also thanks alot to lalalalalala for creating this mod. Love this mod!
CETLA on Jun-24-2010

One link here
superdavid94 on Dec-19-2009

Any chance of a working download for these

samson63 on Dec-12-2009

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