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CAESARS PALACE F1 1981 1982 0

By: Nericksenna and Birkuc
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 25-Mar-11
Current release: 0, on 25-Mar-11

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Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa

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Las Vegas F1 - Caesars Palace 1981-1982 V0.9 beta

track building: Nericksenna
others and afterworks: Birkuc (

copyrights: dont modify and/or release this stuff without permission
of the authors whose contact you see above!

-track building

-nericksenna's textures - repacks and optimization
-nericksenna's models - resaves and optimization
-clouds and skybox
-start and pit lights
-X models (sectors and pitting)
-Menu icon, screens and LODs
-AIW file
-CAM file
-CIN file
-GDB file
-SCN file

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This track is for rFactor.
JGoenR on Jun-27-2011

It's a track for F1 Challenge, not for rFactor
trecinni on May-19-2011

But... but... this is not a rFactor version...
Some stupid error have occurred.
trecinni on May-18-2011

verion contained in megaupload shows mas file error
i will try the one in mediafire
toribio on Apr-07-2011

error opening 'mas' file

any solution ?

thanks in advance

toribio on Apr-06-2011

will you also be making the indycar version?
nome66 on Apr-02-2011

Media Fire link -

Found it here:

Hope it works better than currently posted link ?
mwc5 on Apr-02-2011

I hope Nericksenna and Birkuc don't mind- I've worked up a set of cams for this classic (but odd, lets face it) track.

Enjoy, all
pycat on Mar-31-2011

You should defnetly put it on! its free and unlimited speed and downloads. the best file downlaoding website. hands down.
General_RIMT on Mar-31-2011

I like this track, but it should be improved.
Keep up the work btw!
Ciudio on Mar-31-2011

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