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CART Factor 1

By: Racing Line Developments
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 01-Aug-09
Current release: 1, on 01-Aug-09

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Screenie by: GeneralKenobiSIYE
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Screenie by: GeneralKenobiSIYE
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Screenie by: F1Ade
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Screenie by: the.cosmic.pope
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Screenie by: GeneralKenobiSIYE

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Racing Line Developments presents CART Factor, a simulation of the CART FedEx Championship Series.


* 29 cars from the 18 teams of the 1998 CART season
* Four distinct engine brands
* Two tyre brands with unique characteristics
* Reynard 98I, Swift 009c, Penske PC27 and Lola T98/00 chassis
* Full road course, short oval, speedway and super-speedway (Handford) aero packages
* Accurate aero distribution, downforce and drag values, utilising CFD and wind tunnel verified data
* True-to-life suspension models
* Advanced tyre model
* Real setup ranges
* Full, optimised DX7, DX8 and DX9 support
* Full RealFeel support


NOTE: It is recommended that you use CART Factor in conjunction with a fresh install of rFactor Lite. At minimum, if you have CART Factor: Prologue installed you must delete the "Prologue" folder from GameDataVehiclesCARTFactor.

There are two different packages of CART Factor; one is just a compressed .rar archive, the other is an .exe installer. Both install the exact same files, however RLD appreciates that some users do not like executable installers while others prefer the convenience an installer provides.

If you selected the .exe installer, all you have to do to install CART Factor is run the .exe and follow the wizard, inputting your rFactor directory when prompted. If you have downloaded the .rar archive, it is recommended that CART Factor is extracted to a temporary directory, and then that the files are manually copied to the rFactor directory to ensure all files are installed to the correct location.

.the development team

Nick Ovey
Dave Ellis
Renato Simioni
Justin Ziarko
Roman Mika
Sim Steele

.test drivers

Greger Huttu
Dom Duhan
Michael Manning
Chris Kirk
Neil Pearson
Matt Hatton
Matt Bye
Dion Polk
Chris Rainer
Ron Sharpe
Tim Traylor
David Laplante
Laurent Vaisman
Chris Griffin
Andrew Massey
Dane Buckley

.special thanks to

Image Space, Inc.
Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates
Mark Page/Swift Engineering, Inc
Dr. Joseph Katz, BSc, MSc, DSc
Dario Franchitti
Marino Franchitti

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The SCART Indy 500 is coming up on May 19th! Visit for more information.
xerocoul on Apr-25-2013

To anyone who would like to join a league running Cart Factor - join us at
We have been running this mod for years and it has evolved into a beautiful custom league edition of the mod. Newcomers or experts are all welcome. We are a frienndly community that can also assist with any question you may have about the mod. We also have our annual SCART Indy 500 coming up in May! See you on the track!
xerocoul on Apr-04-2013

please write a website for download the templates of this mod, i need it for do my personal skins....................thx
Diegojackson on Aug-01-2011

Thanks for this great mod! One question though, will the cars from Prolouge work in the new folder?
simracer2755 on Jul-10-2011

Hi, where i can find a templates ?
kakk112 on Jan-02-2011

can I ask something here???
I`m trying to add the 2001 skins but when I try to install the lola cars such like chip ganassi`s car and arcierp`s car etc... I cant change the tires it appear with the with the goodyear black tires and not with firestone and OZ or BSR tires in chrome...I see it came with ..for example,LolaT98-00_junqueira.gen...where can I download that file??because I had to erase the "junqueira"part to make it at least appear, and so is the case with the arciero car and others...what can I do to make this skins like in the picture here???
I hope some one see this and let me know
AVIA on Oct-12-2010

New racing league based on CART Factor MOD, running on Sunday night (8pm ET), in both oval tracks and road courses... more details at join us at
tuso on Aug-29-2010

Wonderful mod guys! well done!
racefan54 on Aug-18-2010

New CART 98 league with all the best cars of this amazing mod is starting right now at http://www.virtualmotorsport.n...dcd64bfbe01387ce445b6e We are very proffesional and VMS has been around since 2001. Our admin (Roman Mika) was a part of the development team and he brings us what should be an exciting championship full of fun... Register and request a car in the cart registration forum thread!
SRG on Jul-18-2010

Hey guys, i must say this is one hell of an awesome mod, just got 1 thing to ask, is there a way to make/get moving arms on these cars? i love to race this mod but i somehow cant stand mods with 'silent' arms... thanks in advance
schumachernr1 on Jul-14-2010

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CART Factor