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CCR 2011 0.10

By: dobby42
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Touring
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: dobby42
Screenie by: dobby42

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This mod adds 5 teams what are colored to Yellow, Brown, Green, Blue and Red more will be added in the future.

To install read the Read me file inside the .Zip file.
i have also made 2 damage.ini files what makes the damage more realistic.

what i might do next is make more teams, tracks, helmets and other stuff but i need some ideas so if you could please comment on my mod and give a idea please!

some car textures look a bit weird with weird stripes going round them but i will fix that update soon. I will also edit the upgrades for the cars so there no all the same as the "Venom" class!

I think there is a lot to do for my mod since it's only the starting stage.The next update will be around 11th to the 29th of December(it might take longer as its Christmas).
i have got more screenshots at my website.
go to my website then "photos" (There are only 4)


Scripting: me dobby42

Texture: me dobby42

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