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CRANDONesque 1.11

By: DDawg
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 21-Nov-12
Current release: 1.110, on 21-Nov-12

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Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC

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* Version 1.1

Added tree collision - on all tracks
Made Dust a lot more manageable ... on all tracks.
added the short course - AI awesome = rolling starts possible.

(note* you need to have the AI learn the track for the vehicle you want to race- for the AI to be awesome
- I tested AI in Vorra Mod.)

First released Feb 21, 2009 - This is one of my favorite obsessions of all Dirt tracks. Bark River is a close 2nd ....

When I first started making tracks back in the days of S.O.D.A off-road Racing (Sierra/Papyrus) with the included 'track editor', back in 1997, I must have made 15 versions of this track in attempts to get it as close as possible with that prehistoric editor.

Crandon has went through a lot of changes, and lost some of its luster from the early days. Basically - removing the TEETH from the toughest track in the world of Off-Road Racing.

The original 1.75 mile layout was reduced to 1.5 miles (1999?) and to it's current 1.25 mile configuration in 2002.

This also brought on toning down some of the jumps and increasing the banking, and adding saftey barriers to help keep from finding yourself in "the Pond".

I will take some liberties and attempt to restore some of the lore of the track, to the days of Jack Flannery wins when SODA (Short-course Off-road Drivers Association) and CORR (Championship Off Road Racing) reined supreme.

I will not proclaim it to be 100% accurate for the time period as not much reference material is available. I will be relying on my old memories and creativeness to make it live up to its old reputation.

This in no way saying that the WSORR version isn't tough and challenging ...

But my attempt to celebrate 40 years of Crandon Off-Road Raceway


Note: 2 versons of track.
DDC_Crandon is the Landrush Starts and should be for ONLINE use only (AI dont like this version)

SPECIAL NOTE: FLAG RULES MUST BE OFF! (or positions 7-11 and other spots unfortunatley get DQ'ed on start) I know the fix but am not prepared to dive into that mount of work to fix ATM.

30 Grid Max but not reccomended.
max Garage stalls = 60
max Pit stalls = 20

Forest County track is more for online and offline ...

max Grid = 60
max Garage stalls = 60
max Pit stalls = 20

CUT TRACKS Penalty WORKs (Especially in TURN ONE ... so Dont Cut track)

6 different track slicknesses (8 if you include grass and water)
4 different types of dust and water spray when you take a dip.

Should be fun for some ... a pain for those who want easy tracks to run ...

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V3 updates, I finished off the roadside stuff, added a heap of new bits n pieces, retextured alot of land, adjusted the ai for both layouts stopping the ai from ctutting corners, moved the pit area and start line to a much better spot.
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newstart027 on Oct-20-2016

T1 Ads update also brightened the yellow and corrected the red colors of the run off area, added the white color.
newstart027 on Oct-20-2016

download issue solved, thanks to Slobbeman!
dh_vetmed on Nov-22-2012

The zippyshare download link doesn't work for me, is there any alternative?
dh_vetmed on Nov-22-2012

Friends there was a delay in updating the 1 click links, if you downloaded the track recently, please double check you have version 1.11. Sorry about that.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Nov-21-2012

Here is a video tutorial on how to teach (Learn) your A.I. to 'race' a particular track ...

DDawg on Nov-21-2012

sweet track DDawg top marks from me man
Eder on Mar-10-2009

Get closer to the right(inside) of the turn. Set your front suspension up to give you more turning bite. Not a soft set, but yet not to hard. There is a fine line there and this track makes you find it to get fast laptimes every lap without cheating.
Eagleman on Feb-25-2009

I know this is just me probably ...

But if you were to flip over a railing in real life, would you still continue to race?

And the way you ELIMINATE cut track warnings (Which do work the way I wanted them - I hate people who have to cut corners to go fast)

turn off the Flag Rules
DDawg on Feb-25-2009

I love this track. I too love dirt tracks, being an ex-dirt mod racer. (back in the dark ages). I'm still trying to sort out my setups though. I've tried the track with the ORR trucks but the WCORR trucks (Pro 4x4) work better for me. (I have so far only raced offline against the AI). Now that I have found a balance between my setup and the AI strength, I'm having a lot of fun with this layout. I love the way some turns have that banking, which makes it very forgiving. The dust and dirt is great as well.
The only problem I've had is outside the last turn, which is a hard right. Several times I've rolled my truck over the guard rail simply by throwing the truck into the turn too hard (lotsa side-bite). But if you go over that railing, you're penalized for cutting the track immediately. Not sure if that's fixable but it's only a minor thing.
Great job....I've wasted a ton of time running it already:-)
painterskip on Feb-24-2009

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