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Cadwell Park 2009 0.50

By: Chris Sugg
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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"A real mecca for bike fans, Cadwell Park hosts the biggest round of the British Superbike Championship, with thousands of spectators travelling to the circuit fondly nicknamed the ‘Mini-Nürburgring’ every August Bank Holiday weekend.

A growing number of car events are taking place at Cadwell Park too, as the reputation of this character-filled circuit continues to grow. The 75th season in the Lincolnshire track’s history features the British Kart Grand Prix, a Vintage Sports Car Festival, the Ginetta Festival and a race meeting for the Historic Sports Car Club, in addition to a number of club events.

Cadwell Park is probably most famous for ‘the Mountain’, where bikes frequently get airborne, and it’s the striking mix of twists, cambers and gradients that have led to the circuit’s burgeoning popularity over the years." - (11/05/2009)

Completely scratch-built by me, using Bob's Track Builder to get the initial track surface. Big thanks to the countless people who've uploaded photos and videos to Flickr and Youtube, they're fantastic as references to get the cambers and elevations right.

While there's already a Cadwell for rFactor, not only is it a conversion from a 10 year old game (a great conversion, and heavily tweaked and updated from the original over the years, but a conversion none-the-less) but it represents the track as it was in the 60s and 70s, with minimal run-offs and none of the facilities, safety features or modified corners of the modern circuit.

So far it's about 20% modelled, with most of the Woodland section now done.

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Hi guys - any news or download links?
danfilm007 on Nov-09-2013

So.......... any news?
phsx2 on May-18-2012

What's the latest?
Is this still going ahead?

Would be great to get to race this
MystaMagoo on Dec-31-2010

any news?
chris jr58 on Nov-12-2010

Don't worry, it's not dead!!

I'm in the middle of my final project for uni at the moment so all my time is devoted to that, but I should be able to pick this up again in the autumn.

Crashgate3 on Aug-27-2010

If this ever gets finished, then you sir, will be a true hero. One of the most beautiful tracks around, and as good as the old version is, a top quality updated one would be superb.

Best of luck with it
unseen on Aug-09-2010

The track lokks really good. I have been to Cadwell loads of times and none of the tracks for rfactor acctually look accurate. The Mointain is never steep enoghth and none of the other bumps or crests are really that noticable.
chris jr58 on Jul-19-2010

Cheers for that, Festa_PWR! Good to know all is alive and well.
Evo monkey on May-02-2010

@ Evo - I emailed the maker a few weeks back to see if he wanted to hand it over for finishing. He`s very much involved, time permitting. He didnt ant to give his baby up
I dont know when it will be finished, but he is still working on it.
Festa_PWR on May-02-2010

Any news? Hate to see this die, looks promising! Good work
Evo monkey on Apr-23-2010

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