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Camel Trophy Track Pack 0.10

By: Wing Modding Team and SimFactor Group & MMG
Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: Dirt Tracks
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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The mod has been delayed by a collaboration by SimFactor Group and MMG. For now, work on the track pack has been halted, as all our resources have been put into the 1982-1990 Group C mod. Work will resume once mod has been released.

Customer Support NEW!!!
As SimFactor Group is now a partner of MMG, we are delighted to announce our new customer support department. If you have any queries, problems ect, then please look at our contact list on the bottom of this page.

We can now release patches better than ever before, being able to listen to customers than just to our experience and testing. The customer support department is part of the SimFactor Inspection & Quality Control Division of SimFactor Group.

Complete Track Re-design
We are now completely restarting the design of every track proposal we made for the Camel Trophy Track Pack. This is because it failed the inspection by the Inspection & Quality Control Division. We hope to get this re-made together with MMG. If not, then expect further delays.

Collaboration Proof:
Please see the MMG website for more details. Look on the homepage and scroll down until you reach the piece MMG and SimFactor Group - 12th April 2009. Look at contact list for website address.

Confirmed Track List:
-Desert Safari
The Desert Safari is an incredibly long loop circuit, circling the salt pans and sand dunes of our desert scenario. Maximising fuel economy, good desert driving techniques and navigation skills are necessary for a good time
-Desert Delta
Taking place on the desert tracks of a delta, extreme terrain is present. The tracks may look smooth, but the problem will be hidden rocks, and a complete lack of grip. Swamps will be a regular crossing. Choose the right route; medium in length.

-Amazon Treck
Crawl along the muddy, narrow tracks of the jungle. Damage to your car is certain. You have been warned; long in length

Possible Track Scenarios:

Contact List:
Wing Modding Team:
SimFactor Group (incl. Quality Control):

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