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Canberra 400 1.40

By: Radar and alexk13, dosgraphix
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 10-Jan-10
Current release: 1.400, on 31-Jan-10

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Screenie by: Radar2575
Screenie by: Radar2575
Screenie by: Bleddyn
Screenie by: Bleddyn
Screenie by: Radar2575
Screenie by: Radar2575
Screenie by: horvathn
Screenie by: horvathn
Screenie by: Radar2575
Screenie by: Radar2575

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The Canberra 400 only had a short life, running from 2000 – 2002 over the Queen's Birthday holiday weekend in June. The inaugural race, titled the GMC 400, was staged in Canberra, for the first time in 2000 as part of V8 Supercars calender.

The Canberra 400 was run over 3 days, from Friday to Sunday. Friday started out with two 45mins practice sessions for the V8 Supercars to be able to create a set-up that suited both the cars and the track. Later, the cars took to the track for Qualifying, which consisted of two sessions, the lower 50% and the upper 50%.

Saturday saw the Top 15 Shootout in which the top 15 cars from Qualifying would do one ‘Hot lap’ of the circuit. The 15th placed car would go out first, with the 1st placed car going out last. Later in the day, cars would grid up for the 25 lap (100km) Race 1.

Sunday morning saw the 25 lap (100km) Race 2 and the first ‘Reverse Grid’ ever to be used in V8 Supercar racing.

Sunday afternoon saw the 50 lap (200km) Race 3 and the grid for Race 3 was decided by adding the points awarded in Race 1 with the points awarded in Race 2.


This is my first ever track, and have now been working on this for some time now..

Track is as accurate as I can get it based on photos & video footage.

Special Thanks needs to go to

- Piddy for creating and continually developing Bobs Track Builder, without it, it would not have been done (by me anyway).
- Ennisfargis for his textures used.
- WezLoyd for his sponsor wall textures used.
- Professor for the use of some of his models used.
- Alexk13 for his work on some of the buildings and helping me with a few other things.
- Griff for his AIW updates.
- Dosgraphix for his work on the Treasury, Old Parlis House and China Embassy buildings used, your quickness on these models and detail amazed me.
- Timma for wanting this to happen, together we walked the old track, taking photos and GPS data needed to get this started. Also for his input into various parts of the track.
- RaceSimCentral, rFactorCentral & RaceDepartment communities for their knowledge and support.
- Taku for the loading screen used.
- ISI for developing rFactor.
- SimGarage for 3DsimEd.
- Ideas from many other tracks made for the rFactor community. Your ideas have made this track that much better.
- The guys at moreOn Games for their testing of this track.


Well it's been 2 years in the making and that's only because sometimes I put it away for 6 months or more.

Anyway, I am glad to finally release Canberra 400. It is a street circuit that was used for the V8's back in 2000 through to 2002 here in the Nations Capital.

Special thanks needs to go to Dosgraphics. At a time when I had some more time and in between internet companies (Sorry Dosgraphics for not keeping in touch, now with grapevine so lost your contact details). Without him and his xpack it wouldn't be what it is now.. I still have the Hyatt hotel to do and the AIW is now complete.

Best played with full detail and max shadows, I have tried to keep the frames down for low end users (low ends don't choose shadows in game) by not putting in as many trees. So in time this will I hope become better again with more trees and more shadows.

I live in Canberra, worked at the Canberra 400 when it was here, have many photos, DVD's and videos, program guides and to the best of my knowledge this is not far from what it was in 2002. A few more textures, ripples in areas but to keep the size down I kept it simple..



Version 1.4

Fixed the AIW, removed gate at Pit Garage Area for cars to leave onto Pit Lane. Thanks to Griff for his AIW replacement.

Hopefully now people will find this AIW file exactly what they need. I have tried several mods with this AIW and found that the AI have now had some brains installed..

It is best played online but in saying that, I am not responsible for the AI that crash into things when you run this offline. It just means your AI are dumber than mine :)

On a serious note.. I hope this mini update will work. Same deal as before, just unzip and replace your SCN, AIW & GDB files.

I'm still waiting on BTB v0.9 to be released so until then the Hyatt hotel and a few other updates will come at a later date.

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Originally posted by: powerslave

Can't get the 1.4 patch to DL anyone with a working link please ?

I haven't been in here for a while so I appologise for not replying.. As I am now playing rF2 and working on Canberra 2.0, the version 1.4 that you have I no longer have..
I did many changes from 1.4 that added the Hyatt building plus various other small changes that people outlined (road and cement sections with no shadows) and more but never released it..

Thanks MaccasWell1976, glad you enjoyed it and could see the time spent to ensure it was captured from 2002. You will be happy when 2.0 is released. The whole Canberra 400 is being completly redone in 3Ds Max which will see many many improvments, plus buildings being fixed, added, changed and the list goes on.. If you liked 1.4, you will love 2.0..

Don't ask for screenshots as I'm working on all the models first, once the models have all been redone, I will then do the track and terrain hence no screenshots will be available.
Radar2575 on Jul-02-2012

Can't get the 1.4 patch to DL anyone with a working link please ?
powerslave on May-02-2012

Unbelievable! You really captured all the features of the immortal circuit (Including the section that was made famous by Marcus Ambrose when he lost that wheel, I was working the section just past the chicane and saw part of the tire's trip down Flynn Drive and saw the beginning of the hop onto the tire bundles. Priceless).
MaccasWell1976 on Apr-11-2012

Absolutely fantastic track! Nice work Radar2575. I know how difficult it can be reproducing a real world track, and I know the limitations of BTB as well. You've done a fine job getting all those elevation, camber and crowning changes in there. Brought back memories of watching the V8's on telly for those races - I'm even more gobsmacked that the V8's actually raced that track after trying it myself. I'm loving blasting between those walls (OK... sometimes I stay between them ).
krunch on May-25-2010

33 years in Canberra, before moving to the Gold Coast in 2007, means I pretty much call the place home and I love this track. Fantastic job, love the 'Captain Cook Water Jet' in front of Mount Ainslie.Couldn't get enough of this trac and it went straight onto my favourite tracks list...well done.
Quasi on Mar-17-2010

Thanks! New AIW is working quite well. A couple hang ups at the last chicane but there is only so much that can be done with rF AI. Much appreciated!
Bleddyn on Jan-31-2010

Any update on the update?

slider916 on Jan-28-2010

Easy fix.. I'll do that on the major update rather than the small updates.. When I say major I mean I have had input from Flashqld and others regarding a few things, they will be minor on looks but hopefully will fix a minor issues.
Radar2575 on Jan-19-2010

Its under Australia. Took me a while to find as well. Radar, are you able to change this so it is listed under Canberra instead of Australia?
hingo on Jan-19-2010

I cannot find the track in the tracklist. where is it named on
wortel on Jan-19-2010

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