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Car of Tomorrow (COT) 2

By: RPM-3D,The Sim Factory, LLC
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Initial release: 30-Aug-06
Current release: 2, on 17-Nov-06

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Car of Tomorrow (COT) Prototype - by Justin Jacobs/RPM-3D, Inc, The Sim Factory and LLC - is the first of its kind, taking on the task of keeping up with the Stock Car Racing world. Developed by RPM-3D, Inc. a well known name in Stock Car Racing.
The new Physics for the COT BETA 2 MOD are FINALLY here (below). Simply Download and overwrite... Client and Servers...

These new Physics are built to make better racing... Improved Speedway, Short Track, and Superspeedway Physics that will auto
select physics by selecting the track...

As more tracks are available, there will be 1 file to update, which we will
release as more tracks become available...
Currently the most popular OVAL tracks are configured.

Please provide your feedback or problems at the RPM-3D, Inc. Forum...

Special thanks to Roop, and Acorp, and all the testers because, without your
assistance this would not be possible...
Special thanks to the Online Sim Community for their support of RPM-3D, Inc.
and the COT Prototype MOD...

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Latest Car of Tomorrow (COT) Comments

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okay so um how do i download this? LOL
hahr on Jan-20-2012

Come on, where are the download links mate?
ericstranne on Jul-07-2011

can i use this mod for my league also can i edit it i am not taking credit for the base only my skins ill leave every thing original just putting my own skins in it and also is there any templates for this.
KIDXRATED on Aug-08-2009

Does anyone know where to get all the real drivers skins? I see videos on youtube of all the skins but can't find them in game or on the web.

StOBeR on Feb-12-2009

does someone have GoodYear Eagle Tires For This Mod??
stopper12 on Dec-07-2008

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Car of Tomorrow (COT)