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CarScroller 1

By: obiweb and obiweb

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CarScroller 1.0 by obiweb

Carscroller's initial goal was to add something like "TV-Style" from good old GP3 to rFactor. Well, it did not really succeed, but I'm nevertheless quite happy for this very small plugin. I have changed version number from 0.12 to 1.0 since that's where it ended.

I made it back in 2007 - here is the original release notes from then:


I wrote this small plugin just to be able to let the AI take over my car - lean back and enjoy the incredible works of the many talented people contributing with carshapes and carpaintings for rFactor.

The plugin adds automatic viewnext/viewprevious within a specified amount of time and range.
Pressing "ALT"+"PageDown" (by rFactor-default trackcam) toggles the plugin on and off.

By default all cars are viewed one by one in forward order, but pressing "PageDown"+"numpad3" e.g. will select only the current car and the two cars in front of it and go back and forth (actually forth and back) between them.

Using this plugin along with the TV Style Display plugin from ItalianFactory makes this functionality even better because pressing "PageDown"+"Numpad5" e.g. will select the car in the position along with no. 4, 3, 2 and 1 and you'll thereby be able to watch the exciting battle in top 5. :-)


"ALT"+"PageDown": Toggle CarScroller on/off (off by default)
"PageDown"+"Numpad 1-9": Select group of cars (current car + the x cars in front of it)
"PageDown"+"Numpad 0": Scroll between all cars (default)
"ALT" + "Insert": Toggle alternating inside view (on by default)

Please notice:
This is only a BETA version.

Functionality will be configurable from ini file - this has just not been implemented yet.

I only wrote this plugin for my own use - there may be bugs. It does not change any files in the rFactor directory and you can easily get rid of it by removing the CarScroller.dll file from the plugin directory.

On my system I cannot detect any influence on framerate - but this may not be the case on your system.

Just unzip CarScroller.dll into the plugins directory.

- - - UPDATE version 0.11 - - -

Only a small change - Now it works in the ReplayFridge too

- - - UPDATE version 0.12 - - -

Fixed a bug that caused the AI to take over drivers car when restarting a race - remnants from some experiments - sorry.

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