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Caribbean International Series 0.20

By: powerslider (Wee Scot at NoGrip)
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Caribbean International Series

I have embarked on a fantasy Caribbean cruise, a trip to find and model thrilling street circuits based on the capital cities of seven Caribbean islands. With the recent release of my Kingston, Jamaica beta, two are now out for simracer enjoyment and review.

This challenging 10.3 km circuit ranges in elevation from 10 to 299 meters, almost as great a range as the Nordschleife. In a modest reflection of that classic German track, my Basse-Terre contains many undulations and camber changes, blind corners, and several jumps and drops that may remind you of Flugplatz and Pflanzgarten.

Version 0.93 is faithful to the actual roads in and around Basse-Terre (thanks to a digital video and advice from local resident and fellow NoGrip member 'rasfigjohn') and as accurate as it can be, I believe, short of taking thousands of GPS readings and crunching them in a CAD program. Getting to Version 1.0 involves applying the many trackside 3D objects required to give the illusion of actually racing on this beautiful Caribbean island.

At just over 9 km, this is another long street circuit, but it is very different from Basse-Terre. The elevation changes are far more subtle, but still contribute to the challenge of several corner sequences.

Kingston is the home of NoGrip's 'T. Rimspoke', who worked with me to choose streets in Kingston that would provide an interesting circuit. Our one requirement was that it pass the Bob Marley Museum on Hope Road, a main attraction for fans of the world famous musician. 'T.' (Earl) and his friend Colin also drove these streets and shot a digital video with a running commentary on places of note. They are now in the process of taking dozens of photographs of distinctive trackside details that I plan to incorporate in my Version 1.0, probably sometime early next year.

I am deeply thankful to 'Piddy,' who created and continues to develop Bob's Track Builder, the tool without which I would not have had the courage to try this! And to all of the guys in the RSC Bob's Track Builder subforum, especially 'ennisfargis' and 'wezloyd' who have provided so many great textures for us to use.

My scenario and mod development team includes many of my friends at NoGrip, most significantly 'snowy' and 'Alex Koda,' who are busy skinning cars, and 'doo,' who created the first two circuit selection and loading screens and is working on a street circuit himself based on his hometown of Tampere, Finland.


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please re-upload the basse-terre track !!! please please please
elthib on Oct-16-2013

Hello, all links are dead, can you reupload all the files please ?
elthib on Oct-12-2013


Sorry I'm so slow to respond, but I hadn't checked this WIP in many months. I'm still planning to complete this series and, since Bob's Track Builder now supports landscaping and objects insertion, it's time I caught up on these latest techniques and start pushing forward again!

Send me your E-mail address and I'll send you my layout, which runs up to the edge of El Morro and past the Capitolio! Please understand that all of my Caribbean International Circuits are fantasy in the sense that I pretend I can resurface roads and race anywhere "my" Google Earth satellite can take me! I'm fully aware from having exchanged messages with another Puerto Rico resident that the streets I picked could NEVER actually be used for racing.

But, just to whet your appetite, here's "a lap of the San Juan circuit."

The circuit starts on the waterfront beside the cruise ship berths and runs clockwise. Turns 1 and 2 are taken in 2nd gear. Then you accelerate to 3rd and grab 4th for a couple of seconds before starting your braking just before the right kink and shifting down to 1st for the double apex hairpin T3. Then it's back up to 4th before dropping back to 2nd for T4 and T5, which are so close together that they're actually taken as a single curve. Then a squirt of the gas and up into 3rd for a couple of seconds before shifting back to 2nd to negotiate the little left/right combination known as T6. Then hard on the gas, up through the gears and sweeping to the right in front of the Capitolio into 6th. Then a touch on the brakes and down to 5th for a right kink T7. Then quickly up through 6th and into 7th, negotiating the left-left-left/right-right kinks with precision and without lifting off the gas! Only the last 400 meters of this "straight" are taken without an adjustment to the steering wheel, and you brake hard at the 100 meter board and shift down to 3rd for T8, then down to 2nd for the tighter T9. After a short burst of acceleration up to 4th, you brake hard and shift down to 1st for the tight turns T10 and T11. Then it's hard on the gas again, up into 5th gear by the time you reach the tricky left/right kink (T12), which can be taken flat if done right. Up through 6th and into 7th for the longest sustained top speed section of the circuit. A slight right kink serves as the brake marker for the 2nd gear left/right chicane (T13) that brings the car back out to the docks. Then up to 4th before braking and shifting down to 3rd for T14, followed by another short burst of acceleration into 4th before braking to 2nd gear for the final corner, T15. Cars accelerate into 5th gear on the start/finish straight before having to brake to 2nd gear again for T1. GREAT FUN!

Hope you're still interested. E-mail me and we'll start our simracing track building collaboration!
Wee Scot on Mar-03-2009

If you need pictures or information about San Juan for your track let me know. I live in San Juan.


prieto on Feb-11-2009

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