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Cart BC 1

By: Eurokart-Sim Development Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 23-Apr-07
Current release: 1, on 23-Apr-07

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Screenie by: Maranello-HRM
Screenie by: Maranello-HRM
Screenie by: Cooper911
Screenie by: Cooper911
Screenie by: Cooper911
Screenie by: Cooper911
Screenie by: NickJohnston
Screenie by: NickJohnston

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Cart BC is one of the premiere Kart racing circuits in Canada. With 12 tight turns and a decent sized straight, this track is great to drive. I have also included a Rain version of the track. If you get bad fps with the rain version, i am sorry.. There is not much i can do right now.

Slimjim: 3d work and file naming, AIW

Nick Johnston: Track layout, graphics

Adrian Agusto: 3d work

Stefan Razazinki: Beta Testing

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416/500 (597 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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Realistic Track Surface
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Hirowazu, for some of the older mods, the links expire or are deleted. Hopefully new links will be submitted.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Nov-22-2011

I don't understand? why post if you don't have a link?
Hirowazu on Nov-20-2011

Does anyone have a copy of this track, and if so, might someone send it to me or post it somewhere? The Eurokart-Sim site seems to be historical. Thanx.
sixstringanimal on Oct-21-2010 try this one :-)
Quertreiber on May-28-2009

Link please??
schumy1985 on Apr-10-2009

Where the download link?...
RdJNL on Apr-01-2009

Is this the track in Maple Ridge?
TheLuckBox on Sep-23-2008

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