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Catalina 1.20

By: banger
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 19-Oct-08
Current release: 1.200, on 19-Oct-08

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Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger
Screenie by: banger

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max cars:36
pits : 12

CAtalina a track from NSW_AUSTRALIA,open in the 1960's closed in 1969, a track that needs little daring and little on chances.

0:53.6 (Leo Geoghegan, Lotus 39 Repco, 1969, Australian Formula 1)
owners:Blue Mountains Sporting Car Club

BETA DEVELOPMENT. is from piddy to create a perfect blend of materials,tracks.and ground without the use of 3ds max.this track was made under two weeks, ok it not physically corrected in the gps department.but two main factors are present here.

beta btb was on the expiry date system (14 days) and the lack of information from the council of blue moutains.

CROCK05 for the video and pictures sent
ESP for there awesome mod : AUSMOD_bathurst_LEGENDS
PIDDY: for his dedication into making the product (BTB)
Ennisfargis for great textures, and tutorials
All the TESTERS of BETA's 1 through 3 .(sorry guys-- was busy track play)
stu and october for being patience at released dates :(lol)


***updates**** v1.2

couple of minor updates.
move the start line down slightly, has a conflicted on pitout/finish line occurred causing a slow down on Ai cars exiting pits.
move the grid postion to align with the new startline
aiw have now been updated.

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has there been another update to this track and rallycross circuit? Id like to do a version if that is ok?
Rat1 on Jul-18-2014

updated to v1.2
banger on Oct-28-2008

57.??? odd my best time.

thanks dmz.
banger on Oct-25-2008

awesome job banger, im loving this track all over again it really gets the heart going

a side note that the track was still used at least till 1984 as a special stage for the lithcow nsw state rally championship round. I have vhs footage of colin bond in the tr7 v8 belting around there.

Also another side note, I'm down to 48.6406 in my beloved 700hp fc rx7
dmz on Oct-25-2008

thanks i take a peek at the pictures, although really was in a hurry to get this out .because BTB was on a beta and it was nearing expire date(14 days test -pro users only).also did try this on the previous to btb beta, but they had a lot of errors and crashed reqularly

but i will continue the updates and version changes.when btb beta becomes the final release.can't say when yet. but it must be getting reasonably close,due to the objects /material's being made.

Thanks for the photos.
hope your dad gets into sim racing

banger on Oct-23-2008

well to answer this in a laymans terms, the btb new beta track builder was on a time expiry, it was fast rough job to try and fit all in 2 i will look into this sometime soon, when the full release comes out.even thou i did get the gps from googleearth ,and used an external program to added it to btb import options,and smooth out some of the hilled really i was trying the beta out, and the new object insertion.i can still added stuff to the track l8rs on.

accomotors, thanks i did try the ENjoy sign but in game it looks to light but will look into it.has for the trees , i was told on another forum, to cut them down, :lol
lenko: well m8, has gps isn;t the most reliable source todate.and did post up two threads asking for information,even ask the blue moutain council(that waste a email).
thanks for the comments,but will look into the out areas again, has there nothing on the other side of them.also i lost the blending through simed editing, but now that has the blending options onboard. hopefully,but in the meantime enjoy the track.

cu you soon
banger on Oct-21-2008

i live in the blue mountains and have only visited this track once in 2008 and youve done a great job m8
i remember that jack brabham raced there back in the 60s. i hope this tracks gets used again, itd be awzome as a go kart track
Camryn on Oct-21-2008

nice work Banger , but all the elevations are wrong , particularly from turn 2 to craven A. I live 10 mins away from the track and have walked it from time to time for 30 years. Also , back ground hills etc are over exagerated in spots and under exagerated in others. Craven A never had a sign outside the circuit fence

pit lane , never had facilities , Tents were errected in the southern end part of the circuit , thats where compeditors parked their car s etc.

if you like i m willing to give up all my information , picture s etc , in the interest of thistrack being done correctly.
lenokell on Oct-20-2008

Hey man, great job! Thank-you so much for the time and effort you have taken to make up this fantastic track!

My dad has run twice on it in competitive events (including the last ever meeting at the circuit) so I thought I'd give him a go. He's not much chop with the computer sim-racing, but he said that you did a fantastic job, and that all the time driving round he could see the real circuit in his minds eye. All it was missing was the tree roots and sheets of water!

The only thing I would say from what I can remember (was crew for him twice) was that there was more wood and armco around the track, instead of concrete walls, and a few of the corners were more blind than they are in the game. Plus it seems put together with no smooth transitions between elevations (although not being a track builder I would guess that it is just part of the building process)?

I have some photos of dad at the track here:

Thanks again man, keep up the great work! Such a shame this great track went by the wayside (By the way, that signage on the fence says 'enjoy Coca-Cola')...
accomotors on Oct-20-2008


Asked for this in GPL the last like 20 years ...... lol

Used to get to Catalina a fair bit as a kid.
My Dad's Sister owns Megalong Valley Teamrooms / Old saw mill / Steam Trains and Cottages

*** BEST Scones & Apple Pie in the World
[MAD]Hammer on Oct-20-2008

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