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ChOnGs Realistic F1 Cams 1.10

By: David Smith and 0

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Alot of mods have user friendly tcams and not realistic, this is a good option for a wide range of people but i feel alot including myself want real tcams as seen on tv so i like to do this for the F1 mods that come arround.

I will try always to upload originals aswell incase nobody likes them.

Thanks hope you enjoy.

Current F1 cams:


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realy nice man! love it
-spiritual life coach
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

cokemaster on Dec-28-2012

Please update your download link. Megaupload has been taken down
Sasuke024 on Jan-22-2012

My first video with Chong's t-cams! Please comment and rate ! More vids to come with the t-cams soon .
pashalisgr on Jul-06-2010

Awesome work with the T-Cams, although the shoulder cams would be even more awesome!
snrsgtmol on Jul-05-2010

David fantastic work. Respect
Valentinikk on Jul-03-2010


Ive not released any stolen material so why it has been removed is beyond me.

You should remove all other addons like FFB etc which will also be used for mods like F1RFT etc, this mod has no stolen work.

RFC really has gone t!ts up.
ChOnG on Jul-02-2010

Originally posted by: Mombassa

Welcome to the official rfactorcentral thread for ChOnG's Realistic F1 Cams by ChOnG.

Mombassa, wake up plz? Seems you don't accept pm's anymore, I understand.
Pete (contactform) is also not responding.

Do you really want that Rfactorcentral is associated with some "F1RFT MODDING PROFESSIONAL" ?

Check the screenshots !

You must know very well that the f1rft is stolen from previous FSONE so do something about it?

New cams for FSONE 2009 ok but NOT for a stolen mod !
André on Jul-01-2010

@ChOnG, basicly nice work, but why making new cams for the F1FRT2009 ? We all ? know that "some" parts are stolen from FSONE .....
André on Jun-30-2010


Where do I drop this folder once I have downloaded it?
crsantin on Jun-29-2010

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ChOnGs Realistic F1 Cams