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Change Tyre-Texture Tutorial 0.95

By: F1Julian

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How some already know about you I have 2 WIP`s to the topic "tyre textures". I want to make instructions where now everybody then can make this to himself. I am if the instructions for you are ready and you can change rules in your leagues or their F1 drives pleased after hard work. However, then work with other Mod`s, too.


News from 11.02.2009
The Tutorial is now in Beta Testing.
I've found not a programmer but I think that a later report will be with me.

News from 16.02.2009
I don`t need a programmer now.

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Sounds great - but you seriously need to get someone to translate to English for you --- People can barely understand a word you are saying
doser on Mar-07-2010

How is this coming alone ??
Radar2575 on Jun-17-2009

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