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Chaparral 2J 1

By: Labombarda
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Prototype
Initial release: 12-Apr-12
Current release: 1, on 12-Apr-12

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Screenie by: Labombarda
Screenie by: Labombarda

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Add on for CAN-AM (v5.5) mod

Chaparral 2J: The Vacuum Cleaner Car.

The Chaparral 2J, was built by American designer Jim Hall, an oilman from Texas who had a strange mixture of a highly skilled engineer, but was not, and a very good race car driver.
At Chaparral 2J was given the name " vacuum cleaner car" which worked reverse to howercraft, breathing in the air under the car and driving out the air to produce suction effect.
The suction were produced by two 17 inches fans installed at the rear which worked with a snowmobile 45hp twin-cylinder Rockwell engine, also taking the car a channel flexible (skirt that rose and fell according to the irregularity of the track) around the bottom edge that helped secure the track even more.
The Chaparral 2J was driven by a powerful V8 engine Chevrolet 90º and 7600 cc with almost 700 hp and had a semi automatic gearbox with 3 gears.
This system held so tightly to the car that allowed him to track on corners without lifting off the throttle.
Set a record when you turn quickly in a Can-Am race at Watkins Glen, but was banned shortly after taking part in races.
Those who have played GT4 game will have seen virtually the management of this strange car, appreciating its qualities in the early game when car needs a good speed to win some races and unlock other cars that are superior.
Precisely there, Dex's friend handed me the models to see if I could add it to rFactor.
After finishing version 1.2 of the 1983-1984 F1 mod I proceeded to finish this project that I had pending.

It's just an add on for CAN-AM (v5.5) mod.

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A very fun circuit located just south of Rome in the Itilian village of Acilia.
newstart027 on Nov-29-2016

Now we need the 2X :-)
Enderfailer on Mar-13-2015

The 3 speed unit was developed by Chaparal themselves and was a 1 off, but this car did indeed have three speed.
gizbo on Apr-23-2012

Nothing against your hard work, but didn't this car have a 2-speed Powerglide (automatic) transmission? If memory serves me right, the automatic transmission equipped Can Am cars used what started out as a Chevy Corvair Transaxle, which was a 2-speed Powerglide. There never was a 3-speed transaxle back in those days, by GM. That said, the mod is way more fun with three speeds.
WildWolf on Apr-22-2012

Thanks for all the work. As in real life it's much faster than the 2E and 2G. Any chance of throwing the 2-stroke sound in there too?
JCarvalho on Apr-17-2012

I love driving this car in GT5. Can't wait to drive it in rfactor. THANKS BRO!!!! Chapparal FTW
TomBrady12 on Apr-15-2012

Nice add as everyone else has been saying and kudos to the modder for his good work.

And not just GT4, its still a big part of the Seasonal Events for GT5 as it slaughters so much of the competition!

Really looking forward to this. Well done Labombarda
cutback73 on Apr-14-2012

SWEET, was looking at this on uTube and couldn't find it any-where's.

Thanks again for all the hard work to the creator.

Revvy on Apr-13-2012

Finally the Vacuum Cleaner for rFactor. I also played this car in GT4.

But: Any idea how to get ride of these backside effect? These strange clouds don´t look so good.
rainmaker87 on Apr-13-2012

I remember this car from Gran Turismo 4.
AFerrari on Apr-12-2012

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