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Charade 2006 1

By: Kakushi
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 07-Apr-07
Current release: 1, on 07-Apr-07

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Screenie by: Edobot
Screenie by: Edobot
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse

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Hi all a short description concerning this track,

This is the short version for this magic track made in 1988.

I try to made something accurate. As you will see the track is far than the actual track made during the last year .

i hope that you will have the same pleasure to drive then me on this track.

Thanks to franck55 for his help, during the modding process.

thanks to SLN,Com8,6e66o and koolpapy, Raceking,for the texture.

I hope you will appreciate their greatest works.

And thanks also to ISI for an open game like rfactor

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I had run on the real track in 2009, this circuit is very realistic: there just few mistakes. Thank's to rfactor I was the fastest this day!
Rowhider on Sep-21-2014

Great track! What about the old one? Has anybody done the old one for rFactor, or can somebody do this for rFactor? That would be great.
NitroMcClean on Mar-28-2010

You should be hired by ISI. Best visual track I ever seen. Just wonderful.
JorgeAbujamra on Dec-13-2009

Great track. Next to my hometown. Great memories when i was a child. The old circuit is just amazing, it looks like the nurburgring !
Foolk on Sep-08-2009

LuckyLynx on Jun-23-2009

This is some great work! The track is so fun to drive that I hardly stop racing it. So addicting .
Deckelsmouk on Nov-29-2008

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